Love what you are



Why is it important to love what you are? Because when you love yourself, you produce harmony and perfect alignment in the "self", your kingdom, your power and your ability to manifest.


Love always what you are; love your inner fire, because it created the rose, the bird, the stars in the sky and the universe that is inside and outside. Love the life, because without it you can not experience your creations. Without life you can not create adventures by which you become depressed, you worry and rejoice in the context of your little games. Without life and the toys in here, you can not feel, which is the greatest treasure of all, the most beautiful reality of all.


This life is an illusion, a game, an imaginary adventure to reach the reality called I. The more you experiment and love who you are, the greater your understanding of the joy and mystery of the self.


You are neither male nor female; you are God, a wonderful entity that is playing to experience a feeling. And when you finish the adventures on this heaven, you will be satisfied, you will mount on the back of the wind, and you shall go to an even more magnificent heaven. Simply

* Ramtha is the ancient god Rama, revered in the East. It was a unifying warrior of the Atlantis people against the tyranny of those times, as the Atlantean rulers were aligned with darkness, with the evil; He departed of Atlantis with an army of his people, including women, children and animals and on their journey to the east He was joined by other people. After being wounded he had time for meditation; so He was able to understand and became a teacher. He was the first of the Ascended Masters; this means that He changed of plane of existance rising up in front of his people amid a blinding light.
Currently He continues helping to the people on earth who are prepared to receive the seeds from him; His teachings are received through the channeling


It is part of the cosmic plan that each soul must ascend to the kingdom of the SUN (THE GREAT WORLD BRIGHT) by the mastery of the negative conditions of each physical planet.

This is called mastery of spirit over matter. This is not in any way a violent process, but rather a series of gradual steps by which man begins his ascension (Great Cosmic trip) and slowly progresses from planet to planet until he reaches the top of the ladder

Venusian Teachings – Luis Marcos Presa


To know the divine thought, oh soul!, you must descend and painfully ascend the paths of the seven planets and seven heavens


Hermes Mercurios Trimegistus – one of the twelve great teachers of mankind on Earth

Only you can be your greatest lover. Only you can be your best friend and teacher. There will never be any better voice to teach you than your own voice. No word written to teach you better than yours. What you are on this day is the answer to everything you have always longed for. But if you insist on looking outside of you paths to follow and entities to worship, you will never see or really know the glory of God. You can only realize about your divinity, of your light, of your ability, through yourselves and your proclaimed love of you.

The only way to peace, happiness and satisfaction in your life is to love yourselves ~ because it is to love God ~ love yourself more than anyone else; that's what will give you the love and constancy to embrace all of humanity.


There is a fundamental plan that God, or the Universal Love has for all creatures. Essentially is that you find your way back to the infinite power of love in the universe.

Each person designs a plan for growth before each incarnation. So, before each soul incarnates on the earth plane, it plans carefully what it hopes to achieve in life. It decides what strengths and weaknesses want to develop or learn to control. It decides what karma work. Carefully plans the first twenty-eight years of life, never to suffer, but to learn how to deal with something or how not to.

Betty Bethards  - Death doesn`t exist

Life in this world, this is, allowing us to experience the emotions*, it is a great gift and a honor of the highest order. In order we can experience it along with the emotions of this plane we must live in a dense or material world, a world of coagulated thought.

In dimensions or skies of much more frequently the beauty is sublime, almost everything in them is good, but they have lack of emotions which result from extreme situations and change from one condition to another.


Only strong emotions are experienced, but mainly related to the negativity, in the worlds of lower frequencies that are dense also, although less dense than this, worlds which we call astral, but in those worlds dwell the people of us that most were opposed to Love.

El Libertario
*related to positivity or negativity