Believe you can die is believe that GOD can die

Really you never died; you just changed your body

You can check this if you study and you are a good student in the unfolding the Astral Body

It is not so difficult to get separated from our body the next one, the most dense of them, called the Astral Body (Ihave experienced it)

Even some people are able to separate another body, which surrounds their Astral Body, and see both bodies, as beings outside of them; what is surprising is that consciousness is always in the most tenuous body unfolded; the question of people that achieves this is: 
What then are those other bodies?


Your bodies are your vehicles to manifest in this world and in the another worlds; some of them are not subject to the space-time that you experience in this plane, the dense plane or third dimension in wich you move with your physical body; the bodies that you change are the most dense

You can not die and never will be condemned to eternal punishment
Most religions taught you the first but then intimidated you telling that if you do not comply with their precepts you will be punished

With their dogmas the religions created a hell on Earth

Some religions teach you that if you kill to the right person you will go directly to heaven, while others taught you that if you believe in GOD but in the wrong way you will go straight to hell

This teachings are completely wrong 

As humans are petty, fussy, demanding and individualistic they thought that God should be petty, fussy, demanding and individualistic; they thought that God designed men eternal life based on a system of rewards and punishments because their system on Earth works like this
Reward and punishment are human social conventions that have nothing to do with divinity; They are a human invention that replaces the notion of divine unconditional love

We have to broaden the definition of our self to eliminate most of the problems of the Earth


When our self includes the others, the definition of self-interest expands and the world around us can change from overnight


If you understand that what you are can never die and that you will not be punished by a God angry judge and vindictive, maybe you can interact with the world in a new way, that you naturally live a new spirituality and you become a new pillar for building a humanity fulfilled and happy

El Libertario



Your essence can never be destroyed.

You are a unique part of the One Infinite Creator.

You're an Eternal Soul, currently residing in a physical shell that could be called an "earth suit". Your land suit perish, but you can not die.

Nothing can destroy the Infinite Creator, and You and the Infinite Creator, you are one.


Dialogue with Hidden Hand, Self-Proclaimed Illuminaty Insider
Your soul remembers everything you've experienced. The only reason you do not remember everything now, is due to what we call "the veil of forgetfulness". If you would come each new incarnation with access to the memory of the Soul, it would not make sense to re-enter the space / time. It would be like playing a computer game with all the tricks. You do not learn anything, and the fun of playing the game is removed. Remember that this current physical body that you always carry over, is not who you are. It is just the essence container. Who are you, it is real, and can not be destroyed.
You will keep all your memories of this life experience once you pass into the realm of time / space, or what some call "heaven". The space / time is an illusion, time / space is Real.
The infinite being living in and around your body, that is, your soul is who you really are.
The part of you that thinks, feels, and love will always be a part of you.
Hidden Hand


1 - We are spiritual beings (not physical energy) and we use temporarily biological bodies (vehicles) to get experiences and express
2 - Because the body is a temporary vehicle, it is natural that we can set apart of it and experience our true self nonphysical
3 - At present we experience a biological vehicle for us to explore, interact and learn in the physical dimension
4 – Out of body experiences are the change or normal transfer of consciousness from our physical vehicle to our not physical body of higher frequency
5 - We use and control several vehicles of energy simultaneously (of frequency). Each of these energy vehicles exist in a density and a different and unique vibration frequency. Ideally, all our energy vehicles should work in harmony to help us in our personal development
6 - Each vehicle of consciousness perceives the universe in its own frequency. To perceive and experience matter, we must have a material vehicle. To perceive and consciously experience the higher vibratory dimensions (the less dense), we must consciously use the appropriate energy vehicle
7 - We are the creative source of our reality and our experience. We produce our individual reality with the way we manage our energy and focus our thinking. This principle applies to all the levels of energy in the universe. Our conscious and subconscious thoughts have produced, ordered and manifested everything we experience

William Buhlman –Adventures Beyond the Body