Reptilian gods


Throughout all the Earth, reptilian beings have been represented for many thousands of years and these images are intended to attest it, most of them are several millennia old


Dainzu Stela, Oaxaca; Mexico. Reptilian being with tail, handling gadgets that could be technological


of Chavin de Huantar, Peru; snakes are often associated with reptilian beings


of Chavin de Huantar


Izapa Stela, Mexico


Izapa Stela


of Izapa



Ai Apaec God, Mochica Culture


another representation of Ai Apaec God


Darius I of Persia stabbing a lion; this lion represents evil, a reptilian winged creature


another high relief with the same subject; Dario I eliminating a reptilian being, the evil


of Jama Coaque, Ecuador; Pre-Columbian Art Museum; 500 BC


of Popol Vuh Museum, Guatemala


of Popol Vuh Museum


of Jama Coaque, Ecuador


of Jama Coaque


Jnum God, of ancient Egypt


of the British Museum, London; it comes from Mesopotamia


of the Hators Temple, Dendera; Egypt


of the Hators Temple, Dendera


Nomoli of Sierra Leone; all these Nomoli are 17,000 years old











Nomoli of Sierra Leone




musical instrument with reptilian being in flying device; Pre-Columbian


  Nammu Goddess with baby Enki; Sumeria


of Ubaid Mesopotamia; these figurines representing reptilian beings have at least 4000 years


of Ubaid


Of Ubaid, Sumeria


reptilian humanoid , Congo


of Tlatilco, Mexico; small Pre-Columbian figurine


of Tlatilco, Pre-Columbian


of Tlatilco, Pre-Columbian


of Chavin de Huantar, Peru


Reptilian beings, Luristan; Iran


Aztec God Tlatecuhtli


Reptilian astronaut of Cuenca, Ecuador; he uses a device for respiration aid


 another view of the previous image


Reptilian gods of Candi Sukuh, Indonesia




of Kara Depe, Turkmenistan; Athird millennium BC; Note the bulks, similar to those made in the following figure of crocodile. The reptilian gods of Ubaid Mesopotamia, also were represented with these bulks. They may be the bulks through which the reptilian beings absorb energy, especially in the back, as they have told us about
Crocodile in ceramic, Comalcalco, Tabasco; 250 to 600 AD
Djenne terracotta, Mali
of Ubaid, prior to 3000 B.C.
of Ubaid
of Mesopotamia; about 5200 B.C.
of Tell es Sawwan, Irak; 5800 B.C.
 Terracotta of Indus Valley
of El Tazumal, El Salvador
Found in a tomb of Tyre, Mexico; it also bears bulks as reptilian being

of the Tyre tombs, Mexico

of Jama Coaque, Ecuador; 500 B.C. to 500 A.D.

of Jama Coaque
Ameca sculpture, Jalisco type; Mexico
Ameca sculpture, Jalisco

Jalisco pottery; 200 B.C. to 300 A.D.
of Jalisco
of Jalisco, 100 B.C.
of Jalisco, Mexico; with bulks and reptilian teeth; 200 B.C. a 300 A.D.

of Jalisco, Pre-Columbian
of Jalisco, 200 B.C. to 300 A.D.

of Ecuador
of Jalisco; also reptilian teeth, not only with bulks. Probably vertical pupils also; 300 B.C. to 300 A.D.
of Jalisco; enlargement of the previous figure to better see his eyes and his teeth

of Tlatilco, Mexico; 1150 to 550 B.C.
Olmeca art
of El Opeño Tombs in Michoacan; Mexico. Here are the oldest tombs in Mesoamerica
of El Opeño

Ameca ceramic, Jalisco; 100 B.C. to 300 A.D.

Jaina figure with scales, bulks and tail; Museum of Anthropology in Mexico


of Jama Coaque; reptilian being with tail and scales


of Tumaco la Tolita, Colombia

of Tumaco la Tolita;scaly being, with tail and reptilian teeth;
the tails of these beings so thick are a certificate of its reptilian condition

of la Tolita, Ecuador; also with scales, tail and reptilian teeth; again we clearly see a reptilian tail

of Tumaco la Tolita
 of the Taino culture

of Jama Coaque, Ecuador

Chupícuaro miniature, Mexico

of the Lithic Library of Ica, Peru




the snake is present in everything reptilian; we have to observe the fish-shaped cap as the current miter of the Christian Church prelate, which recalls the cult of Oannes, the fish god of Sumeria, or the god Dagon of the Philistines


See the section of this website entitled "Reptilians of St. Augustine" to see many reptilian beings with particular attention to the use of children for their rituals of fear and blood; I call them "reptilian baby eaters"

Of course, those canceled * by agents of Darkness will see all this as a montage based on false images; whenever a commission of investigation about  UFO  was created, it was intended to hide it; the persons that do not want this kind of knowledge come to light, use "scientists" and "researchers" to cover it **; that is the reason this knowledge is unknown, in the same way that is hidden what kind of beings these images represent


El Libertario

*people who do not believe in other planes of existence (do not believe in what is beyond his nose) and are not able even to intuit them because the hidden elite people is working for the things to be this way (fluorine in water and toothpaste; disablement of the right cerebral hemisfere)

**scientists to keep the people with limited ideas, as there are another "scientists" who work directly for the hidden elite; one day this will try to come up with its advanced hidden technology trying to establish the most hard of the dictatorships that we can imagine and we will only be able to confront with our Light as a group





This is the version of the occult elite I have. There may be a wider view, but this is the view that best fits what exists in my level of knowledge, as there may be several types of interdimensional beings beyond Earth, some with permission from our collective unconscious, others without our permission or of those who protect us. Any being involved with evil on a planet of third density will be linked to that planet and caught in the dimensional worlds linked to the planet (his aura):


The hidden elite, the beings for which the  Illuminati are working, Freemasons and other secret societies, came to Earth about 400,000 years ago. These beings were trapped in Earth's own vibrational frequencies* and their main means of expression and existence is in a frequency range of the 4th dimension; to manifest in the third dimension, ours, feed them and enhance their expression in it, they need a "low frequency" ** generated by the fear and negative emotions and we are able to produce them in abundance; Blood also provides an appropriate elixir for its manifestation.
The hidden elite society works completely vertical and its leadership does not belong to the Earth. The societies they govern in our world are also fully vertical, and only it is possible to rank up based on blind obedience, feature that remains on the secret societies, armies and religions that serve to them.
When due to the negativity they sowed through their agents occur on Earth conditions of very harsh life, or when it is immersed in a large atomic radiation due to have exploded the accumulated evil in the form of atomic bombs, the hidden elite withdraws to the Moon, his base of operations until the conditions of life on Earth improve again. The agents at their service, which are not part of the "family", as they were captured on Earth, serve as their excuse for not being intervened the hidden elite people by beings of Light (the servers that bring us the most adverse conditions, allowed them to be grasped and they are of ours, not theirs); maybe some of them will be allowed to retire with  the hidden elite to the Moon***.

Only a sufficient number of beings on Earth who have joined in the Light, in the good, can confront it; so it is very important the work and the example of brothers and sisters children of Earth in pursuit of establishing an era of Light. The threshold of these, beings of light on Earth, is called the  'critical mass'.


El Libertario

* dimensional planes of Gaia (the aura of the Earth), a living being created by a being of 6th density (or 6th dimension)

** rather it is a radiation that we emit acting on the dimensions around us and interpenetrating them

*** the people they captured in base to deceit, wealth and power are not of the "family" because they are not aware on the 4th dimension and do not easily have memories of their past lifes on Earth; Hidden Elite people have this memory


Artifacts of the  Burrows Cave, Illinois; USA



Just keep in mind that the Hidden Elite people would kill to maintain all this as false; therefore these images will appear as false in all its propaganda and will tell us that "scientists", their lackeys to maintain us with limited knowledge, studied them and found that they are absolutely false, but they will collect these pieces so that they are only available for the allowed people



The Polovtsian statues also represent reptilian


These statues are by Ukraine and several Eastern European countries; they were created by blond hair people from the north of the current Siberia







More evidence from all parts of the Earth

Lamashtu, daughter of the god Anu and wife of the demon Pazuzu. She used infants stolen from their mothers while they slept to feed herself. Of ancient Sumeria


Pazuzu, Sumerian demon son of the god Hanbi


Plate with Lamashtu


Tell Halaf relief


Arslan Tash amulet; Arslan Tash amulet; Syria of Assyrian era


of Valdivia, Ecuador; Pre-Columbian


Moche Culture reptilian god, 200 B.C. to 700 A.D.


Kon, Pre-Columbian god


Kukulcan; Yaxchilan, Mexico




Libations glass of Gudea; Lagash; 2120 B.C.


Jiroft glass; ancient Iran


of Jiroft, basket of the gods


Tairona art, Colombia; Pre-Columbian


of the Tairona Culture






Lizard Man, Costa Rica



Pre-Columbian Art, of the Cocle Culture; Panama


 of the Cocle Culture


of the Cocle Culture


 Maori, New Zealand




representation of Marduk, god of Mesopotamia


Sumerian Anunnaki



of the Shwenandaw Kyaung Monastery, Mandalay; Burma


Mycenaean device; ancient Greece


Gargoyles of Notre Dame, Paris


god Varaha, of India


god Narasimha of India


Narasimha once more, but this time of Bali


of Bali


of  the Ubud forest,  Bali


Hanuman, the monkey god, Bali


Ai Apaec of the Mochica


of the Mochica


of the Mochica


of the Mochica Culture, in wall relief


Nagas of India, with the ability to take human form







the snake and Gnosticism



The reptilian beings always will take the scariest forms to produce fear in us, because of our fears they feed

god Abraxas




 the snake and the cross in a church in England


 serpent gods


serpent gods, Isis, Horus and Serapis


Isis and Serapis,  British Museum


egyptian Isis in Roman times



Nehebkau goddess of ancient Egypt




snake gods in Egyptian stele


 Estatuette of Syria; 1600 B.C.


 in Scarzuola convent; Italy


 Reptilian being devouring a child: the Biscione, or viper, the symbol of Milan; It is also the logo of Alfa Romeo. It is a satanic symbol ((do not distract us with issues about Kundalini))




They need our fears and negative emotions to manifest in our dimension; they feed on them. That is the reason to abduct children and torture some of them while seen by other children, as the emissions in this way will be very powerful, not added, but multiplied.
These fears and negative emotions also obtain them through the suffering of animals, their blood and death. Animals have feelings and emotions. Why do you think the old gods demanded those sacrifices of animals in temples? In temples and at feasts always animals were sacrificed ; in some festivals thousands of them were slaughtered. Remember the sacrifices to Yahveh* and He was who asked them.
El Libertario

* The first Book of Kings recounts that King Solomon and priesthood killed more than 22,000 cattle and 120,000 sheep in the temple of Yahweh in just two weeks