Liberation with the Light


In every period will coexist the Light and the Darkness in this, our dual world, as in all dual worlds.

The predominance of one or another will depend on how many of us chose it; the choice of Light represents the altruistic choice, the choice that favors everyone, not just a few, a group, a nation or group of nations.

For its imposition the Darkness uses his servants; you will recognize them by their attachment to material things, by the laws they impose or policies that favor only a few or a class.
You can be sure that currently serve the dark side of the great leaders of religions, high levels of secret societies, the big bankers and leaders of major international organizations, leaders of the big drug companies and the largest international companies.
But the fight against the Darkness should not be carried out by death or violence, as this involves choosing Darkness to fight Darkness* (it must not be done so, as the fire must not be used to extinguish the fire). This struggle must be carried out by the knowledge to learn how to choose and to join in order to co-create the reality that best suits us; we have to learn to unite a large collective unconscious for the realization of a wonderful reality after we have focused on the Light. We must be filled with a great desire for true knowledge (Light). We must demand every day to our guides to open new doors toward the Light by means of new knowledge, especially knowledge about spirituality.

But we are who have to choose, we who have to fight to get the true knowledge, because for that we are now manifesting with our 3D body in this 3D reality. We are those who have to perform the work; we can only receive information (intuition) on the best path or the best door to cross. No one will work for us, as this would be a trap to the existence we are experiencing and it is protected by the Universal Law of Non Intervention

Only could intervene those who do not follow the Universal Laws, people who chose the Darkness as a means of collective expression, but if many of us join as a big collective unconscious for the good, they will have nothing to do in our world, our present existence.

Only the choice of the Light will allow us the return to our true Home, without having to re-experience the dense worlds


El Libertario

*the open struggle would only mean wars after which all would remain the same, because they have technology to kill us by bacteria or viruses and technology to make uninhabitable the Earth to all beings by nuclear bombs enough to destroy many tens of planets like it. They even have technology to make us believe that we are being invaded by aliens. The fight must not be so, but through the true knowledge.




One of the biggest blunders I conceive is to live in this world, at this time, and in turn want to live in the another world, as a pretended mystic that did not understand.

Give a hand to a needy, worth millions of prayers to a being external to us; we have to go out to help other beings leaving aside that kind of selfishness that makes us just focus on ourselves, in a purported salvation of oneself and of the world * spending our life in prayer. What we do to others of good it is what catapults us into the worlds of higher dimensions; really that good we do to ourselves.

Praying, without more ado, I think it's a trap of the Lords of Darkness; I think it is much more useful the visualization flooding of Light, for all thought is creative, but it is important still go out trying to help those in need, and the best help is what makes the others free and self-sustaining; It doesn´t serve the aid that ties one to a political party, for example, taking from the others and distributing to do the people customer of that party, to remember and vote in favor of that party. The ideal is to give knowledge to open the eyes so that someone can take action and after fend for himself.

El Libertario

*those who are hungry will not kill hunger with our prayers


If humanity would fell into account that has been being deceived and used for millennia, would not be that great news to finally awake and start to dispense with false values which in the past have been considered as fundamental or sacred (homelands, races, religions, languages), but eventually they have not done more than to foment wars, injustice and divisions, and us start to change the horrendous human history in a much more rational and fair? Were not these 'sacred values' a strategy manipulated by these intelligences* to keep us entertained and prevent us from falling into account that we were slaves?


Salvador Freixedo
*the Reptilians
We must never fall into despair no matter how bad are the things we see around us, and those who can be a little more awake are who must aid to awake others. Entering into a state of despair because we see all evil around us will lead gradually to a cancellation of ourselves.
Nothing is lost, because we are immortal beings.
The worst that can happen is that we have to live many representations and performances like this in this great theater on Earth or on other planets alike for not having taken the initiative and have not confronted the evil, the Darkness, based on making to grow into us the Light, that is, the Love, the Knowledge and work to expand it because we can only give what we carry with us.
El Libertario

Never forget that what we fear* is what we attract because the mind is very powerful and thinking coupled with a strong emotion, makes the perfect mix to make magic and attract what we think. Whether good or bad, in this case it is bad. So be careful with your fears because they can become reality for you. When your mind starts to generate negative thoughts replace them with more positive ones. Do not give food to negative thoughts because when you want to account will be taking over your mind.

When we begin to meditate the first thing we realize is that the mind is on his own and that appear in a fraction of seconds thoughts that minutes before we didn´t have and although we want to take them apart they persist in bothering. It is best let go without opposition to those thoughts and gradually take control of our mind. Those negative thoughts are especially dangerous when they refer to our fears because while thoughts can be controlled, when dealing with fears we feel blocked.


Dr. Akalisun

* Fear means Darkness; It is our choice when we confront the circumstances that they, who serve us the Darkness, propitiated; but we are Creators and if we choose not to have fear where others have, we have won the game to the Darkness and it will not ambush so hardly; but if many around us choose not to be afraid, act without fear, the material circumstances will be transformed creating a new scenario to work on other matters, as the lessons of overcoming fear already were faced and we were victorious while aggrandized