We are children of the stars


Are we a hybrid race?


According to Flindt *: Leaving the man aside, the best the nature could do on Earth was to build three large families of monkeys. This means that nature took half a billion years to form a million neurons (brain maximum capacity of an anthropoid). At this rate, every six months is developed a neuron ... and the man with ten billion neurons would have taken ten times what the great apes in developing their brain.

Ten times five hundred million years is five billion years.


According to Binder **: And would have us believe that man, with his superb organ to think, he left the evolutionary retort just in two million years.


*Max H. Flindt – On Tiploe Beyand Darwin

**Otto O. Binder - Flying Saucers Are Watching Us





There are geneticists scientists controlled  that are financed and directed by the Power to serve, without knowing, the plan of the Anunnaki for the stranglehold of the human race. Some, when they had assigned the daunting task of cataloging and preserving the DNA of every living form terrestrial, believe they are working for the good of humanity and the protection of other species, ignoring that the delivered his lifework only receives grants and funding of the government to ensure that the seed of all terrestrial biology is transported to another host planet and to the station of the Moon, -the area owned by the Elite of power.


Patricia Cori



Others *, with an even darker belief, are voluntary collectors of specimens for the Anunnaki and their extraterrestrial collaborators, who are always trying to bring into being a slave force perfected for other worlds, in other spatiotemporal frameworks. Some of these government scientists serve as lab assistants to the Zeta Reticulians at that stage of invasion of human sovereignty involving the collection of sperm and human ovum "abductees" forced and terrorized, a program which aims to save his involutive own race from extinction.

Others even, focusing on the incalculable economic rewards, work "capitalizing" the incredible stores of wisdom contained in the designs of Creation trying to create and refine computers of biomolecular DNA which are so tiny they can fit, at once, a zillion of them in a test tube of laboratory.

Patricia Cori

* Scientists who betray us, unknowingly or knowingly


One cubic centimeter of your sophisticated DNA, in its limited expression -the double helix- can store more data than all that can be recorded and stored in 900 000 millions CDs of your current data management technology.

Can you imagine what it would be able to computerize twelve strands of interactive DNA (four tetrahedron of light working together perfectly)? Can you imagine what the "junk" that said they had no function or purpose would be able to say, of create, of remembering?

Imagine your immense capacity, Homo Sapiens.

And imagine, just imagine, with what majesty and light you were born into the terrestrial realm.

Patricia Cori

The eminent Astrobiologist Paul Davies, professor of Natural Philosophy in the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at Macquarie University, and Charles Linneaver, a renowned astrophysicist at the University of New South Wales in Sydney (Australia) recently published a paper in the journal Astrobiology, in which they suggested that could have occurred early exchanges of genetic material between any of our ancestors and some forms of extraterrestrial life.

Paul Davies proposes in another recent article in New Scientist: 'Using retrovirus, a distant civilization in time and space could have placed a message in the genome of terrestrial organisms. These messages would have been preserved and could be replicated almost unchanged for millions of years, waiting for the right moment to manifest'

I believe that these data are enough for us to draw our own conclusions.

What we begin to discover now, they may have discovered on other worlds thousands of years ago.


Virginia Dangma