Traces of giants

The skeletons of giants were removed; whenever a new one appears the bones are quickly removed; they are carried far away to big hangars hidden from the public eye  or are destroyed.
The Smithsonian Institute has admitted in court that has destroyed thousands of skeletons of giant since 1900
The Bible speaks of the existence of giants in ancient times, but today we can only approach that reality through their fossilized footprints, of ancient paintings or carvings on which they appear.
We also have the old stories that speak of huge skeletons found , but it is difficult now to know which images of giant skeletons are true and which are false, as there is people dependent on institutions or companies controlled by the occult elite, which controls the information that comes to light; these people includes false images on the network so that we will not have certainty with any of them and will doubt everything.

Traces on stone

giant footprints in India
of India

of Bangalore, India

footprint in Ceylon
footprint in Malasya
of isla Capul Island, Philippines
of Botswana
of Glenn Rose, USA

 Footprint of giant of Permian period; between 299 and 251 million years

 fom Canada, 100 million years
 of the Tahoe Lake area, USA
 of Belize

 of Paraguay

 Footprint of giant wearing sandals in the Valcheta Museum, Argentina; it comes from Patagonia the land of the giants Patagones
 Apparently, a giant was using shoes thousands of years ago

 Footprint on stone


 Hand of giant beside a dinosaur footprint; It is one of the footprints found in the Paluxi river, USA; multiple analysis were made on it with X-rays and computed tomography; there was no retouch or counterfeiting
 Footprints of giant beside a dinosaur footprint; Many of these tracks have them in the Paluxi river, Glen Rose, USA, dating from the Cretaceous period, ie, having at least 65.5 million years. Evolutionists believed at first that it was a fraud, but then had to admit that they are genuine footprints, as it has been proven that traces continue to appear under layers of rock when they have become lost. In addition, the mud together with human footprints had also been fossilized over time, which would not happen with footprints made recently; but after verifying its authenticity have you seen that the official human history was changed?
 Footprint of the Permian period, 251 million years at least; New Mexico

 Ain Dara, Syria


 of Lazovsky, Russia

 of Buryatia, Russia
 Devil's Paw; Victoria, Ecuador
 of Mpuzuli, South Africa; 200 million years
 in Naihehe cave, Fiji
in Bulgaria

 near Glen Rose


 of  Paluxi river, Texas
 in Alaska
 Footprints on stone
in Kanangra National Park, Australia
 near Parkersburg, Virginia; 150 million years
Giant hanfprint in a cave, Nevada
 Giant handprint  near Saqqara, Egypt


Reliefs, engravings and paintings of antiquity in which giants appear:

 Adda cylinder in which Enki is represented
 Sumerian god

 Sumerian Anunnaki gods


 Panel in Iran of the year 522 B.C.

 the panel of the previous image; it represents to giant king Darius crushing an enemy king; it is included the typical representation of a flying machine
 the Naran-sin stela; 2254 to 2218 B.C.; Loubre Museum
 Ashurbanipal II. Lion hunt; 850 B.C.
 Mayan representation
 Giant in  in Egyptian temple
 Representation of giant in Egypt
 of Egypt
 Giants working with normal sized humans
 of Egypt
 of Egypt
 of Egypt
 representation of giant in Egypt
 of Egypt
 This is one of the giants builders of pyramids in ancient Egypt, represented in a painting
 Egyptian giants lifting the stones, not the Hebrews
 construction of pyramids by giants
 Celtic, of Gundestrup Cauldron
 Giant of Angkor Wat
 representation of giant, India
 of Ellora, India
 Kubera, ruler of India
 of Simhachalam temple, India
 of India
 of Udaygiri Vidisha, India
 Giants of Angkor Wat, Cambodia
 of Banteay Srei, Angkor; Cambodia
 Durga and Mahisasura, India
  The giant Gilgamesh, the fifth king of the Sumerian city of Uruk. It was given to enslave and mistreat the men and sexually exploit the women
 Stela of Esarhaddon, Assyria
 Tablet with king of Ur
 Hittite, of Anatolia
 Hittite, about 1400 B.C.
 Emperor Asoka of  ancient India
 Bronce of Benin, Africa

 Dazu carved rocks, in China



 cult to the giants


 Ancient relief in  museum
 Ancient engraving in museum
 of China


And these were their tools

 axes of giants exhibited at the Museum of Bagdag, Irak
Axes from Africa
 another ax of a giant
 One of the great hammers found in Ecuador
 Copper ax of Manitoba, Ohio
 Strong man managing with difficulty a hammer 50 pounds (22.5 kg) for demo.

A big deal of stone hammers were found on the Great Orme mine in Wales; the largest of which weighed 64 pounds (29.9 kg), but many of them were around 60 pounds, fit only to be handled by giants


 Replication of skeleton of giant, 7m high found in Ecuador in 1965; It is found in Switzerland at the Mystery Park




Double dentition in giants

Not infrequently the giants have double dentition