The temptation as help



Nobody is doomed and only we have to save us from our own ignorance. The sacred duty of "they" is to serve us the temptation as an aid for not remain stagnant; our sacred duty is to learn to choose according to what suits us for our spiritual growth.

Our ego is a very important tool for the game that we came to implement, as our many experiences and emotions are related to it; we must properly handle it and thus will serve to our growth.
Almost daily we will be tested; only through knowledge, meditation to listen to our soul and ask sensible things, we can overcome trials and result strengthened with them, as this is the mission that we came to meet; the tests will be different for every person according to the virtue that one came to improve.
Life is a great game very well staged so that we will not notice about it so easily; the veil of forgetfulness also serves this purpose. All we will realize about it at the end, but some earlier than others. Ideally we became lucid players before finishing this trip in order to focus more strongly in the pursuit of "useful knowledge" and in helping others.

Do not forget that we are all one and that we are a small part of the Great Creator in full act of creation.


El Libertario



The free will of every soul perpetually faces the choice between darkness and light. That's what we came to experience; that's what we came to learn. And that, dear searchers, is the purpose of our lives however much our personal situations and global realities tend to put a veil over this fundamental purpose for us.

Choosing darkness simply keeps us hooked on the wheel of reincarnation for many lives as are necessary to let go and enter the spiral of light. Choosing light, on the other side of the pole, enables our progression back to the Source

of the Supreme Council of Sirius