Giants and Monatomic Gold

Monatomic Gold is processed from normal gold and was used by the elite for thousands of years to prolong life and to obtain supernormal powers.
The giants who reigned in Mesopotamia lived thousands of years and so their reign periods were very extensive. It is clear through these finds something that was expected: that the giants possessed technology and means to prolong his life for many millennia
This is the schedule of the reigns of giant kings of Mesopotamia:
·         Alulim of Eridug: 8 sars (28,800 years - from 453,600 to 388,800 before the deluge)
·         Alalngar of Eridu: 10 sars (36000 years - from 388,800 to 316,800 before the deluge)
·         En-men-lu-ana of Bad-Tibira: 12 sars (43,200 years - from 316,800 to 244,800 bedore the deluge)
·         En-men-gal-ana of Bad-Tibira: 8 sars (28,800 years - from 244,800 to 223,200 before the deluge)
·         Dumuzid, el pastor of Bad-Tibira, the Shepherd: 10 sars (36,000 years - from 223,200 to 201,600 before the deluge)
·         En-sipa-zi-anna of Larak: 8 sars (28,800 years -from 201,600 to 172.800 before the dedluge)
·         En-men-dur-ana of Zimbir (Sippar): 5 sars and 5 ners (21,000 years -from 172,800 to 136,800 before the deluge)
·         Ubara-Tutu (Ubartutu) of Shuruppak: 5 sars and 1 ner (18,600 años -from 136,800 to 64,800 before the deluge)
·         Sukurlam (28,800 years -from 64,800 to 36,000 before the deluge)
·         Zin-Suddu¹or Ziusudra, suppossedly the Noah sumerian (from 36,000 till the deluge)
Subsequent kings reigned fewer years, as the reigns are closer to our time.
Our elites know that life extension is possible with monatomic gold, but, as usual, to the common people, the people of whom they take advantage, they hide it and leave immersed in its empty knowledge.
Why do you think elite people walked so fast in exploring the cavity of the Bucegi Mountains in Romania? Someone knew they would find monatomic gold able to prolong life almost indefinitely, as happened. Masons, puppets of the real people of the hidden elite, is what they wanted.
If you do not know about the discovery of the Bucegi mountains you can you illustrate through this link:
Thus it is clear that the elite whenever there is an important finding they hidden it to us and it is also clear that on Earth there is much more advanced technology than so far was showed us since ancient times
 Giant skeleton found recently in Varna, Bulgaria; it was buried 6,500 years ago, according to carbon 14 dating. Whenever a giant is found, the elite makes to disappear it