ET implants


I think that we may have implants made by beings of Light o by beings of Darkness; if a person has implants of the one or of the other, we will know by its acts.

Message of EYIN, channeled by Virginia Dangma:
Today science has managed to extract several of this small devices (chips). The first time science conducted an operation to remove an implant of an abducted person was in 1992 at the Massachusetts Technological Institute (MIT) where there was a conference to study the fenomenon of abductions. To study the extracted implant it was used a spectrometer of mass of secondary ions, with which the surface of the tiny object was bombarded to try to study the resulting ions.
David E. Pritchard, Dr. in physics followed the study of the implants. These objects were examined in the Wellman Laboratory of Medical Photography, depending of Massachusetts General Hospital, spetialized in anomalous bodies in the human body.

The results were astounding: the tissues surrounding this objects had an abnormal color, but most impressive was the large number of propioceptive nerves found in the sample.

The function of this nerves is to send messages through the spinal cord to the muscles of the lower extremities. Moreover, the body reacts when there is a foreign body well with inflammation, tumors or reactions of various types; in the abductees who have this implants never were signals of this kind.

Another curious fact is that the area where the implant is housed has a temporal fluorescence (that may last several weeks); according to scientists who study this chips, this is common in all abductees.
It is not true that your science can know the materials of which they are made, since it is a material non existent on Earth and is therefore unknown.

Question (the question is mine): Would be beings of light or beings of darkness who put the implants on Napoleon or Hitler?; in both were found implants (Hitler really died in Argentina at an advanced age) 
There are many works dealing with the theme, such as this:



Many good men with high knowledge and wisdom (applied knowledge) are people who have participated in this form of aid and development

 These technologies are able to modify human DNA
 Compared to a grain of rice