The transfer of your power


The power is in you. Why do you transfer it?  Whenever you hear someone without judging what he says you give your power

If that someone is an institution which over the centuries acquired power and great wealth can you be sure that what is transmitted is addressed to take your power and to submit you
Try to grow in you the desire to acquire true knowledge. Everything that fills you of data will not be directed to your growth, but to distract your attention. The story you can find written is only an entertainment and serves only to bring you to the wrong way, as it was written by the victors and these were almost always moved by a leader in serving the Dark. You have to find the real science, which is not intended to increase the wealth of a few, but to do away with slavery posed by long working hours, sometimes very badly paid, at the age of the machines.

Do not give you to groups, because without realizing, the collective unconscious of the group will drive you and make you their hostage.

Cultivate you in many fields and be independent, but what you do, what you think and the teachings you give for valid, they should go directed to the good of all beings on Earth, not just you, the group that you feel related or your nation, because then you would be brewing for future evils.

Only the true knowledge can rise you above the negativity and the best knowledge is that of spirituality.

Only knowledge will set you free

El Libertario
Those who ask for compassion to another never will have it. No more than oneself  possesses the power to forgive oneself. You are the only one that you can offend yourself, you that really judge to yourselves and the ones who can show compassion and mercy for yourselves.

Within you lies the power to create worlds; the power to realize any dream you want, because the totality was created based on dreams. And within you also, holy entity, lies the faculty to deliver your power through rituals, dogmas that convince you that you are unhappy and that your life is not totally in your hands.

Stop practicing rituals, stop following dogmas, stop routines.

Trust the inner god to guide you, speak you, remember you and teach you. Whenever you are directed for something they have given you as a way of life or a truth, you are putting your power and your life in the hands of another; you are placing your trust in the belief of another, not in yourself, which is the acceptor of the laws, and the maximum giver of them. In doing so, you grant credibility to the thought that your god, your guide, is not always within you.



- Do not believe in anything simply because it says the tradition, even though many generations of people born in many places have believed it for centuries.

- Do not believe in anything simply because many believe it or pretend to believe it.

- Do not believe anything because the wise men believed on it in the past.

- Do not believe what your imagination suggests you falling into the trap of thinking that God inspires it

- Do not believe what the scriptures say, just because they say so.

- Do not believe to  the priests or any other human being.

- Believe only what yourselves have experienced, tested and accepted after subjecting the opinion of discernment and the voice of conscience *.


*what you keep as true after passing it through the filter of your soul