Hidden technology


Between 1900 and 1950 your government already had technology to transform the matter. They had already carried out several experiments to transport iron ships from one port to another.
They even put all knowledge into practice with a warship loaded with men and weapons. From its bottom were hunging generators producing a magnetic field which created a vacuum at zero degrees.
They raised the boat and its crew to another vibration that moved all to another place and time.
The experiment was successful; personnel who took part in it was locked up and destroyed their minds not to speak.
Even though our government has learned a few tricks, they do not know how to manage time; some projects were lost and will not reappear for another two or three centuries due to their lack of time management.
If you have never traveled beyond the Sun How can you establish coordinates to get there?
They were given information only to make toys but not to pass over the time and this is his biggest challenge.

Gray men (tyrants who control the money in the world) think that these devices can be moved to the far side of the Moon if things go wrong and they can return in a few centuries.

The gray men are well aware of the true beings in your skies, those who watch your world.

But the alien ability to cover is so powerful that can convince the casual observer that he was in a state of hysteria and really didn´t see what he thought he had seen.


The most powerful people in this world have seen a great ship and were astonished and thought they could bring down it with hunting airplanes.

You can´t tear down these ships because you lack of technical equipment; You have no the power.

There are secrets that the sages didn´t give you; still many are reserved.

They did this because they know that the information they reserve could be devastating in the hands of a government with primitive consciousness and again another civilization would fall.

You can only fly linearly; your body would not withstand the speed of light; these people of higher knowledge can make right angle turns on its flights.
It is simply that you progress to where you may be worthy to experience for yourself.

When these beings want to make contact with you, just do it and there is nothing that can stop its magnificent spacecrafts, but this is not and should not be a romance with a light ship but a romance with knowledge.

Not all spacecrafts are harmless; any spacecraft that works by magnetism in a vacuum gives rise to some radiation; this environment is not suitable to human of flesh and blood; it does not affect them at all.

Excerpts from the book UFOs Consciousness, Energy and Reality