Estatuillas prehistóricas

The appearance of the factions of prehistoric figurines, can also give us understanding  that our past is not a straight line and that there is knowledge that was not revealed to us
This section complements the section "Our ancient teachers"
 Venus of Grimaldi Cave, in Italy in the proximity of the French border; It has some 22,000 years old
 "el Rombo" Venus, also of the Grimaldi Cave
 Venus of Gagarino, Ukraine; in Gagarino many venus and other ancient statues were found

 Venus of Gagarino

 of Gagarino
 Venus of Gagarino
 of Gagarino, Ukraine
 Venus of Zaraysk, Russia; at 150 km from Moscow
 of Zaraysk, Russia
 Venus of Kostienski, Russia; in this place several Venus were found
 of Kostienski
 of Kostienski
 of Kostienski
 of Kostienski, Russia
 Venus of Kostienski, made of mammoth tooth
 Venus in the Kunstkamera Museum, St. Petersburg
 Venus of Tursac, 25000 years old
 another Venus of Tursac
 Venus of Menton, of the Paleolithic
 Venus of Dolni Vestonice, at least 25000 years old
 Venus of Savignano
 Venus of Balzi Rossi
 Venus of Parabita
 Venus of Lespuque, France; 25000 years old
 Venus of Lespuge, 24000 to 21000 B.C.
 Venus from Siberia
 Venus of Avdeevo, Russia; of the  Paleolithic
 of Avdeevo
 Ancient Avdeevo; Russia
  Ancient Avdeevo and enlargement
 Ancient Avdeevo 
 of Avdeevo, Russia
 New Avdeevo , Russia; on ivory
 New Avdeevo ; on ivory
 double Venus of Avdeevo
 Venus of Monpazier
 Venus of Falkenstein, Austria; 6000 B.C.
 Venus sitting of Hrádok, Slovakia; 4000 B.C.
 Venus of Frasassi, of Upper Paleolithic
 Venus of Tolentino, between the Pleistocene and the Neolithic
 Venus of Hippo, Turkey; 7000 B.C.
 figure ot the Neolithic
 of Africa, 4000 B.C.
 Female Deity; Predynastic Egypt; 4000 B.C.
 of the European Upper Paleolithic; 12000 B.C.
 of Katal Huyuk, Turkey; of the Neolithic
 Asirian terracotta; 5000 B.C.
 Neolithic female figue; 5500 to 4500 B.C.
 Terracotta of Tel Halaf; Mother goddess
 of the Indus Valley
 of Tyrnavos, Greece; of about 6000 B.C.
 of the Vinca Culture
  Vinca terracotta; fifth millennium B.C.
 of the Vinca Culture
 Vinca figurine
of the Vinca Culture; Serbia
of the Vinca Culture
 of Gumelnita, Romania; of the Neolithic
of Gumelnita, Romania; of the Neolithic
 of Gumelnita, Romania; of the Neolithic
 Mother Goddess figurines, Katal Huyuk, Turkey; 7000 B.C. 
 of Ubaid, Mesopotamia; 5000 to 4000 B.C.
Female figures from Ur and Eridu; 4500 B.C.
 Stone figure of Pietrele, Romania; 4400 to 4250 B.C.
 Venus of Tall-i-Bakum; sixth millennium B.C.
 Mother Goddess of the Neolithic; Syria
 Mother Goddess of the Neolithic; France
 Figurine of Samarra, Mesopotamia; 6000 B.C.
of Tell Halaf, Mesopotamia; 5000 B.C.
 Mother Goddess of the Neolithic; of Hacilar, Anatolia; 6000 to 5000 B.C.
 Female figurine of ancient  Near East
 of the Neolithic; Syria
 of Thessaly, Greece; 7000 years old
of Thessaly, Greece; at least 6000 years old
 of Brassempouy, of the Paleolithic
 Engraved mammoth tusk;  it contains a star map; 32000 years old
 of the  Alps, on mammoth tooth; at least 40000 years old

Achelense goddess, the Great Mother; with at least 250,000 years old

Venus of Berekhat Ram, from 250,000 to 280,000 years old

Venus of Tan-Tan, found in Morocco; It has at least 200,000 years

First object of known art; He was found in South Africa; It has three million years