The meaning of the life

The only search that makes sense for us is to live every moment with joy and showing love, because life and God are the same; there is nothing of what to be saved, except of ignorance imposed on us certain groups; but our knowledge must be aimed at the search for good if we want to create a better environment in which to live; this will be achieved with an unconscious collective with a high level of knowledge, this knowledge directed and applied to the good of the whole collective, of humans and the animal and plant kingdom.

Multiple races of humans, animals and plants were introduced on Earth as an experiment, but the biggest experiment is to embrace the idea that we are all One and so be able to live a rewarding experience. Embrace the idea that every living being is an extension of oneself is a priority to create a benign environment in which to be manifested.

The evil was introduced intentionally on this planet, with the consent of Who sustains us with His energy, so we will not get stuck without progress in the spiritual; as this is a planet of free choice, many opportunistic beings came, as well as those who serve us the ability to choose evil (negative); these opportunistic beings are conscious also in the fourth dimension (the astral level) and take advantage of our feelings, but for them the important are our negative feelings. So it turns out that spectator sports are promoted with great competitiveness and major clashes between followers of one and another; a football match is a major source of food for these creatures. The same happens every time there is a war going on and great feelings arise.
We are influenced by many beings of evil, beings that have been taking advantage of mankind for many millennia, but now, most of them are anxious and at work, as times of great changes are coming, even for them and they know that soon they will have no place on this planet or in other dimensions around it.

The important thing is to live the most rewarding way for each even in hostile environments and bringing meaning to the lives of those around one; our job well done is to live openly, without getting caught by the media that keep us with a short vision and trying to shed light on those who have a vision more typecast of the things, but always letting them choose; everyone has even the right to live in ignorance if you so choose. The problem is that these people helps to bring to light what happens to us as a group, because the reality is created among all of us with our mind and we mold the matter at a subconscious level to give us new opportunities to show who we are and the acquired level, but if those around us mainly move in fear, anxiety or self-segregation (because they think have been chosen by God, because they see themselves superior as nation, for technology, believing themselves superior race, etc.), then they are attracting to our reality harsh conditions of life; although everything that seems unreasonable and cruel is often a great opportunity to show who we are and to grow spiritually, which is the most profitable growth aimed to live forever in subtler worlds where the living conditions are not so hard.


Understands that, even in this world and surrounding it, there are other more subtle worlds that our senses do not have access, but that have access to them our more subtle bodies that always accompany us when we are conscious and unconscious; when one of our bodies gets out of us, for him the real world is the one that corresponds to its the degree of vibration; the world looks solid in that frequency range and can penetrate the other worlds as if they were a haze without interacting with us.
Do not seek constantly live in nirvana, as this only serves to realize that the man is much more than what he believes, but if someone stagnates there after a wonderful experience it means that he didn´t understand; if that someone intends to remain in these worlds, in that state, he did not understand, it is stupid to have fallen to a dense world, the demonstration plane, because after our transit we always come back to the other more or less subtle worlds depending on our degree of evolution. The person that saw and understood, it is important to be dedicated to live among people, earning his own bread and sowing positivity, been a lighthouse to enlighten others through his word and his example, but not coercing anyone; the retreat is losing a life of great growth opportunities.

In short, live the moment with joy and the day to day trying to show every day an improved version of yourself to bring to reality the highest vision of yourself that you have ever dreamed or imagined.


El Libertario 



This is the science of God. All that the Father wants from you is that you experience all the life He is according to the feelings in your soul. What for? For you get to understand the joy and unconditional love God has for you and for all the life





What is the purpose of life?

The Purpose of Life is Growing in the knowledge of the Creator ONE

What is the Essence of Life?

The essence of Life is to know the Creator as Yourselves

What is the life?

The life is the Supreme Joy and Delight to experience ALL THAT IS


Adama - of the underground city of Telos


Do not expect magic or miracle, because THE MAGIC IS TO UNDERSTAND THE IDEA AND THE MIRACLE IN CARRYING IT. The main thing is to activate within us is the Creator-Wish. It means having strong belief and conviction to make the best of the best in life. No matter where the teaching is coming from, the most important thing is the inner work, the understanding, the humanity of our actions, the how we manage and educate the emotions and above all, to understand what is LOVE.

El Ser Uno

For many distractions in which the soul grabs on, become brighter with every step (and every thought) is simply the reason of the existence. When you really understand that, when you understand that fundamental reality, the questions disappear. The lighting occurs. You realize that all the answers are within you, because they live in all the manifestations of consciousness of The Prime Creator, in every union in heavens, into every blade of grass of your sweetest prairies.


The Supreme Council of Sirius




Your goal in the game is to work on yourself to grow, develop yourself and transform yourself into a more positive and loving being.

You had certain goals that you planned to achieve before incarnating here, which is the main reason for the veil of forgetfulness was in place, because if you already knew what are your goals, the game would be too easy

Hidden hand - self pro-claimed Illuminati Insider





Forward from planet to planet,
you're gone and you will continue going.
The space is vast, but we must embrace,
because the goal of life is TO KNOW.
Earth holds you back, but only for a minute;
make the best of what is in it.
Illuminate the path where you are.
There is no merit in doing so.
This will leave regret or ruin,
while you rush from star to star.
You are part of the principle,
You are plot of today.
When He put his worlds to spin,
you were left on your way.
When this system falls to pieces,
when this time pulsating will cease,
when the "is" turning into "it was"
you will live, because you will enter
in the Great Creator Center,
in the Everlasting Cause

Venusian Teachings – Luis Marcos Presa




Understanding the frequency of love is the most important lesson of your life. To manifest it, all you have to do is feel it; but also you know that for you, this is the most difficult thing to do. But still, every one of you come here for love because in no other place of the existence the love is so varied and rich, so unlimited, unfettered, and unique as here on the fringes of the Milky Way, what we call the  Library of Earth.

The Pleyadians a través through  Barbara Marciniak