Mars is not empty

I do not think that every thing coming from NASA is false or that all the images that present us the "scientists" are a trick; I mean this people because they are those who are interested in lie (because they are at the service of the elites, of the owners of the large companies controlled by the elites, of those who hold the power and the dogmas in which revel)


Beautiful photo of Mars with greenery


Trees on Mars; these are the true colors of Mars and match the description given by Richard Hoagland (scientific adviser to the Apollo Project) 
Forest on Mars

 Trees on Mars


 Trees and lkes on Mars


 Image of Mars of ESA


 another image of Mars where water appears


 taken with teh camera HIRISE


 lagoons on the mountains of Mars






 Large leafy area; the trees on Mars are very high


Water and trees


 Pond on Mars and tunnel mouth beside it
 crater with water; the color of the land is the false of NASA
 the moisture in the air on Mars is quite high; image condensed water drops are seen in the legs of the scoutship Phoenix


Curiosity on Mars dune; possible remainders  of population


Mars and its UFOs half buried


 Drop path of ship and crashed UFO on Mars; this image and the next two illustrate about it 





 They call it "secret base" on Mars, but it seems to be a UFO abandoned

 area in which the object of the former image is located


 the two UFO in the upper area are not falsified, but in the lower area appears this objet falsified by NASA



 possible dome  on Mars


 Mars structure


 Mars structure


Photo on Mars; could it be concrete?
 Mars anomaly taken with the camera HIRISE
 Building debris on Mars
 block of something that looks like wood on Mars
 Mars anomaly
 Mars anomaly
 Mars anomaly
 another example of mars anomaly
 monolith in Mars; the shadow cast is observed
 remains in Mars
worked blocks on Mars
 somewhat reminiscent of a wall on Mars
 unusual artifact
 artifact supposedly for mass transit
 door in a promontory of Mars
 Wheels with its axis
 metals on the plains of Mars
 objects on Mars


 Rock on Mars with many signs; we can read OAO, the three largest
One of the faces of Mars


Skulls on Mars; one has a hole and most likely it was a shot
 Remains of spine on Mars


Mars photo of  ESA


Skull classified top secret on Mars


Another top secret skull on Mars


Skull between the wheels of the rover, Mars
Skull half buried, Mars


The pyramids of Mars taken by the rover Spirit in the Cydonia area; they are at least three times higher than the largest known on Earth (this is a photo delivered by NASA dyed to deceive about the atmosphere of Mars) 

Who is really fooling us? 


We see blue sky during daylight on Earth by the interaction of sunlight with air molecules in our atmosphere. If not for our atmosphere we would see a dark sky even during the day, as sunlight would not have something in which reflect any photons; only would be reflected the photons reaching the Earth surface.

Realize by yourself who tells us the truth, if NASA, the agency that always deceived, or the people who present the real picture of Mars. The space agency tried to discredit the images of Mars in which it does not appear reddish, but if you think you will realize that they are who deceive, because the sky should appear dark if would not exist atmosphere on Mars; You should never see a reddish sky as the kind of photons that arrive to this planet are of the same kind than in the Earth.

Of course now the atmospheric layer on Mars is much thinner than on Earth because of a fratricidal war between people with technology on this planet (Mars, the planet of war and the name of the god of war) it lost plenty of its atmosphere, but what tells us NASA, agency dependent on the Illuminati and on the army, is false. The existence of this thin layer of atmosphere is what produces a blue sky during the day, although the blue is less intense than in our atmosphere.  Remember that there is iced water on Mars in his poles and this may cause evaporation of water in areas not so cold; in several pictures we saw droplets of condensed water in the Mars rover, which means there is water vapor on its air.


 Really the true colors are on the left image and the false colors on the right image, the reddish NASA colors to deceive us


To be sure who is the liar, observe this image taken by the Spirit robot


 of coarse, real blue becomes false red



 the false image of NASA is clear it is the left


 Mars image without falsehood


 Picture of ice on Mars; it was taken by ESA



Latest pictures provided by the NASA of Mars

they come from the HIRISE camera

 ice is observed





















"There are structures on the surface of Mars. And I say, for the record also the existence of structures under the surface of Mars that could not be seen by the cameras of Voyager that passed in 1976. I also say that there are machines on the surface of Mars and there are machines under the surface of Mars that are visible, you can see details of them, you can see what they are, where they are, who built them and a lot of extra points on their builders. "


Albert Stubblebine - Former major general, first General of Intelligence and Security Command of US Army.