It is said that this is a stargate in Peru, ie, an inter dimensional door; is the door through which the gods came and went, the door of Hayu Marca near Lake Titicaca; according the beliefs the door will open one day and the gods will return in their ships




Then El Fuerte, what will be?
Everything that follows is El Fuerte, in Samaipata, Bolivia
According to the beliefs of the locals, it is the place from which landed and took off the ships of the gods


For the "scientists" all this is a ceremonial complex



As can be seen is extensive the area with works in the rock






In El Fuerte compasses do not work and some clocks stop


 UFO of El Fuerte, in the vicinity


 Still this is El Fuerte (the girl is flesh and bone and current but with 5 fingers and all well proportioned and well placed)