The spiritual experience


If you want to experience in you the achievements of spirituality, meditate and selflessly help to others.


I think the best way to see the achievements of spirituality through others, we have studying the behavior of true mystics, like Francis of Assisi, and applying it to the behavior towards our own person, to all others and with animals; we will see that the beings who experienced other worlds through spirituality live in a kind of perpetual happiness, even when immersed in a world of great rudeness.


We can also see the effects of a spiritual experience through those people who were clinically dead * and then returned to life; many of these people were transformed and went on to help everyone only by Unconditional Love, because they had attained to understand.


El Libertario

* Records are available with continuous monitoring where we can see that there were no brainwaves


The help come to us in many ways and we should seek them even in the experiences of others who seem incredible.


Forever in the heaven corresponding to us there is a portion of our energy even though we are in full incarnation. This enables that any of our loved ones been able to receive us when our moment of passing away is coming even if any of these loved ones are experiencing a new incarnation on this planet or on another; this also explains that might occur that comes to meet us someone in our environment that is still alive.


Often we dismiss the spiritual experience because we come to think that what we experience is impossible, the result of an altered state of consciousness, but discarding it only implies that for us remains much to learn and that we are not yet prepared.


We have to learn from each of the opportunities we are given, even through the spiritual experiences of others, as these can suppose a gift for the open minded people.

El Libertario