The Demostration Plane

This is the plane of demostration

We arrive at this very dense, dual plane, among other things, to demostrate that we are compasive, generose, etc.; this requires the existence of people worthy of compassion, poor, etc.
Sometimes we choose to be born of needy parents to aid others to demonstrate that they have achieved acceptable levels of spirituality showing their values.
I think one waste this trip if he retires to a cave or a monastery for life; but it could be useful for us a time of retreat and meditation, to know ourselves; there must be a lot of desire and inner work in this age of retirement so that in the shortest possible time, aided by some initiated, one comes to feel the ALL inside of one's self. This would only serve to make sure what have already experienced the mystic people, but the important work of demostration and learning is out. How you will be proved if you do not interact with others? How you will demonstrate your level of spiritual preparation in a very easy mean?
Once having found, after this experience, I think one should approach the world to help out as many people aimlessly and yet seeks it; but you should never create a doctrine, because soon the people of the darkness would use it to confuse our followers after misrepresenting the doctrine.
One example is the doctrine of reincarnation; This idea was in the right way, as it is pretty right, but was misrepresented by those who were mistaken for evil to the point of leading to the false and extreme idea of the castes.

Whenever we start from this plane we go to other less dense worlds, whom we call skies more or less sublime depending on the level of spiritual development of each of us ((hell does not exist; only it exists as a mean of producing fear in us to control us with multiple rules and do us to feel guilty)). In them we will review the last of our lives and we will continue learning, but also are part of our most sublime body, our soul, all the experiences that we have lived in other lives, without falling into oblivion. We prepare our next visit to a dense world helped by our guides after a period of more or less long break and the reason for returning is to improve our weaknesses and remember that we are all part of the same being, feeling and showing it, not just knowing this idea.

Only in isolated cases returns someone who has already surpassed a level that allows not returning to the dense planes, and these beings return by pure altruism, with all the layers of the veil of forgetfulness activated (many of them returned to be helpful to others before the great harvest).

I think did not understood anything those who allegedly found to GOD inside them after a mystical experience and then expressed that of "I die because I do not die" and worse yet if they commended the instruments of repression of the darkness, as the diabolical Inquisition, and until didn´t die they set about founding convents. One comes to climb through improving oneself and so, in addition to interior work, is very important exterior work by directly helping others with word and deed.
From one of the heavens we all descended to this world to keep learning and perfecting while we show what we are. Why wanting to leave again if truly one understood?


The Temple is within oneself and there is nothing more powerful than oneself in our outside; this yes, please note that the conjunction to reach a goal is very powerful in a group and that is the only way to justify the temples in our exterior, but for this we must learn to pray with full conviction of achievement, forever for positive purposes, not in vain, aimed at developing our values to high levels.

Also must be taken into account the unique nature points that are centers of a very special energy; if the conjunction (group meditation) in these centers is done we will have the same effect in the countryside than in the most outstanding temples, not surprisingly often the location of the temples is in the most appropriate telluric places.  

El Libertario


We spent an eternity recalling that the place to which we go is the place where we come from, and that is the ultimate experience. That is what we have come to learn; that's what we have to remember.

That holiness that exists within all of us is what we forget when we give the bold leap to the very dense matter, separating (somehow) of the Origin and entering deep into the abyss.

The Supreme Council of Sirius

What for the great Avatars came?

What for the great Masters came to Earth?

Would it be to devote to meditate and to pray for us?*; they could have done it from another planes without coming to us.

Would it be so that we could see them in ecstasy without giving the feeling that they care about us and bring us something?


Both Avatars and Masters were characterized by talking to ordinary people and training some of them, as it was the mean available at the time. Today Internet exists as free media, and almost nothing else. They were characterized by setting an example of good conduct with their actions and try to open our eyes to show us the dark intentions of our enslavers; that did they win enmity between the powerful people, the bad people of then.

Avatars and Masters were characterized by an active life, not passive, but never by the violent fight.


The easiest thing is that the passages in which the Master Jeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) lashed out the merchants are false, because a real Master never would resort to violence, and much less would try to make us believe that someone outside of us requires our worship in temples erected by the dark elite.

We have to monitor every passage given to us as 'Sacred Scripture', since almost every passage was perverted for the greater glory of those who pretend to be our owners and continue in that effort.

El Libertario

*anchoring the Light on Earth is done already by the Light beings of the Inner Earth, the Interanos, and other beings of Light from the underground; we are who have to change so that the great mass of people begins to lean toward the Light, and I think we've improved a lot, but whenever there is great Light there is great Darkness, and the dark people do their job fine because they are more awake than us