The true sauvation


The selfish way would do to choose the 'salvation' of oneself moving away from everyone else, focusing on oneself and living deep in his alleged salvation, when really there is anything from what to be saved.


Nobody threw us into a pit and left us; in addition of being sustained our world through our minds, we are being sustained by the Creator, according to what we chosed to experience in previous stages.


Our environment depends on our collective unconscious as well as we are a 'Form of Thought' of other beings of a higher spiritual level, which are also a Form of Thought of others beings closer to the SOURCE. The whole Universe is Mental.


The true salvation means fighting to find the true knowledge and to aid all those who require it around us, but soberly, giving what is actually required, what is really needed, because the ego of our brothers could demand in excess; we must always measure.


El Libertario