Basic knowledge to improve our world




GOD, the BEING, would be only a concept if you would not exist
 He is expressed throuh you 
 You are the BEING manifested 
Whenever you choose to think or do the Creation continues
If you do not do there is no Creation, but just breathig is an act of Creation
The BEING keeps you with His thinking, miryad of waves that intersect, most of them so small that it is not possible to measure them with the instruments of the present human science due to be in a frequency band outside the range we can perceive, out of our dimension; this waves make up what we call matter. You are made of light. Within you the spaces are so immense that if you could observe from within you the distances between the particles of which you are made would seem as distant as the Earth from the stars.  

The BEING keeps you so that He is expanded with your creations

Realize that He demands nothing of you and He does not ask you anything 

HE NEVER CREATED A BEING SMALLER THAN HIM TO GET ITS WORSHIP, as this would expose HIM as mediocre and an incomplete being

The BEING is Life; so it is important you take care as much as you can of your own body, the Temple and do not vice it with smokes that self destroy you or with adulterated food
The greatest acts of worship to GOD are realized by you every time you aid to your own extensions, the other beings, including the travel fellows that we call animals 
Every time you bring joy, love and peace you are honoring the Creation 
Love is the engine of the Universe, give it away wherever you go
FREEDOM is the most beautiful of the gifts GOD delivered to you; do not limit it, but with the excuse of your freedom or rights you ascribe do not limit that of those around you



If a god asks you to worship him this means he is an enslaving; as a rule he will subtract your freedom  in all the areas and will impose many rules with penalties if you fail; one of his tricks will be the obscurantism, the lack of  knowledge; it's about to install fear in you and make you his hostage; this being wil be your parasite and will use the negative frequencies resulting from the fear as his own livelihood; these beings that enslave you use to be interdimensional and from planes next they take advantage of your energy. On Earth often they have their delegates as priests, dictators, politicians, bankers, et cetera, and the pay for them use to be great temporal riches and power 

This beings also are part of GOD

Before your birth you chose to come to this world in wich together with the good you experience what we call the evil 
Without the evil you could not experience in its fullness the good

With the evil in their mayor and minor degrees your experiences multiply exponentially and appear in high degree you what we call emotions

The problem is that your travel fellows choose too frequently what we call evil and led it to harsh extremes; your current mission is to act towards the pole of light to counter the darkness pole 
Every time you act with good you attract frequencies that can be picked up by people of your environment so that those around you are enriched  and rise 
If you choose the Earth to be a beautiful place to live and this short trip enjoyable, be sure to walk toward the light and away from the darkness (the evil)
Yours a great contribution towards the light could be to bring knowledge to as many people as possible (darkness would otherwise) 

The best knowledge is SPIRITUALITY; the idea of spirituality is very different to the idea of religion; the spirituality unites and explains you as part of GOD within all the Creation; the spirituality involves the idea of freedom; the religion divides and limits the liberty with many rules in order to control you  and make you guilty; many of them were created so that humanity faces regularly in wars agains itself; this produces a feast in the lesser inter- dimensional gods

Never recesses yourself
Be the hiest version of yourself, because it elevates to your whole community
Contribute to the support of the community, but do not let be exploded with many hours of work; the appearance of the machines is a blessing, but its appearance had rigged to free ourselves of the subsistence economy with its many hours of work; if you must work eight hours in the machines era you have been enslaved, because with about four hours of work for the society at this time would be sufficient; the excess of wealth produced by the machines and your work for more than four hours would be pocketed by the people of darkness or other people with jobs not helpful

Try to develop the craving for knowledge of spirituality and spend some of your spare hours in your formation in it

Distrust any leader who will mark you a truth and exhibits a doctrine, because normally this is his truth but unknowlingly was implemented to him by the agents of darkness

It is you who has to create his own concept of reality  and his doctrine, but please, orient yourself well, ilustrate and let your intuition to guide you

The intuition comes from the most subtle of our bodies, composed by the group of waves of highest frequency and closest to GOD, the one that we call soul; emotion is the vehicle to your soul
Trough the outside it is difficult to find the truth
The most sublime knowledge, wich can furher explain who you are and your essence, GOD, you will find within yourself throgh introspection and meditation; sometimes group meditation multiplies the effect of meditation alone
Do not trust the people trained in the interpretation of GOD or his will, since they are often enslavers (freedom limiters sent by the darkness)

Be the light*, the light guiding all us in the New Age



El Libertario

*this set of teachings are what the great Masters came to bring us; these Masters, beings who for their work spiritually rose to levels of the 5th or 6th density appeared in many times to improve our situation, in hard times. If a purported Master incited to war, this was a being sent by the people of Darkness; if a purported Master forced people to adhere to his teachings, that is a being sent by the people of Darkness, no matter how many "miracles" could do; the miracles are just a sample of the domain of the mind of a being over the matter, but can make them both beings of the Light as beings of Darkness. They, the Masters of Light, just bring us his teachings to change our mind and to remember that we are already gods each of us. They did not move mountains with their mind, despite being able to do so, because there are universal laws that clearly order non intervention, although the beings of Darkness sometimes intervene after skipping those laws. The Masters of goodness show us the way, but we are those that must walk it; if we rise enough in spirit, we are who will be able to move mountains only with our desire.

We should to be careful with what today appears as the teachings of a great Master, because through his teachings and the memory of this great Master the religions were mounted, and did it beings under the command of the people of the Darkness, but these teachings are very distorted, deformed and even with interpolations, that is to say, with stories of events that did not take place; this was intended to do us subservient beings for someone always to take advantage of us.





God is not something separate from you. You and He are one and the same being. Your will is his will. Whatever you want to do is what you call "divine providence" the divine will. In this way, you are never in conflict with destiny, because destiny is not preordained, is totally ordered by you. Anything you think creates your moments to come.



Everything that exists has an established connection through the Universal Soul or breeding ground where the universe is immersed

We are part of a body or organism to which we call God.

We have a physical body of similar vibration to that of God, it is what we call visible universe.

We have an energy body which we call astral body and that in God is life.

We have a mind that in God we would call thought

And we have a spirit that in God we call Love.

Each cell has the ability to generate a complete body. Thus, the body is a hologram where each cell is the representation of the whole body.

The physical body is a representation of the astral body, the mental and the spiritual.

Each part of the astral is or contains the entire astral, every part of the mind to the complete mind and each part of the spirit to the whole spirit.

That is, everything contains to All


The Geenom Manuscripts  -  The Man Cosmic Cell



There is a creative energy that we can call God, All, Deep, Cosmos ... of which we are part, of which we are his manifested creation.

Every human being has within himself the need to join the Source or God from which it emerged. Failure to identify this takes us into the nostalgia of not having been part of the All and now be separated, causing us loneliness and sadness.

The goal of the evolution is the unity, becoming ONE means integration, integrate and to be integrated. The power of evolution tends to unite, ie to return to the origin.

Which produces harmony, progress and happiness is because it tunes with the natural law of "again." All that tends to separate causes disharmony, stagnation and unhappiness.

The individuality, which allows us to be who we are, is usually converted into a prison that separates us, that is, moves us away from the Source.

Although seemingly separate, the All is within us and that is where we should seek in the depths of ourselves and in those around us.


The unity is love and love is the manifestation of the spirit. Love emerges when we tune with God, with our essence, and it causes is an urgent need for unity.


The Geenom Manuscript  -  The Man Cosmic Cell



The man is a multi dimensional being, therefore his being is made up of energy levels with different levels of superimposed vibration, but at the same time in constant interaction. Accordingly, following the theory or law that the All is in each of the parts and taking the man, integrally, as one of the parts, we would conclude that all the information of the Creator exists in everything created.

However, not all information is contained in the same book. On the contrary, each level of dimensional vibration has complete information that relates to its dimension. All books together form the great book of all knowledge.

Every man is God because has all the information necessary to be Creator. It is only necessary continue with the learning* and this is achieved through a mechanism called evolution.

The Geenom Manuscripts  -  The Man Cosmic Cell
*rather "remembering"

Any teaching that creates feelings of fear, guilt, separation from others, superiority over any other living creature, or any rift between the individual and his True Self, is not the word of God, and can not be found in my words.


I am one with God, just as you are. WE ARE ONE. This is the lesson that I bring in endless Joy and Love. You are God, as I am. We can´t separate us, because we are not alone. There is no physical distance, no idea or belief that can separate. We are destined to live harmoniously in peace, in absolute love.




Virtually all fonts that are above the lower astral levels tell us that know, thanks to its privileged position, that the whole universe is a great spiritual being, that each of us is a vivid manifestation. According to the Universal Law, we are evolving through a series of embodied and disembodied lives that lead us to a final union with the one God, which is the underlying entity "All that is". Meanwhile, we maintain an identity relationship with this God, although we are not aware of it. Through this supreme Self we relate to the deeper truth.

John Klimo - Messages from beyond



The universe is a multi dimensional living being, which some call God, which is inhabited by aspects of themselves (sentient beings) in many of its other dimensions, or all, beyond the physical plane we perceive today. So we constantly hear messages about the etheric, astral, mental dimensions, and other causes of this wider nature, also from them. In addition, according to this disembodied wisdom, when a being, personality or entity forms part of this cosmological hierarchy will always be in the learning process to evolve into an eternal unity with a unique Being who is the source and destination of all autonomous beings.

John Klimo - Messages from beyond

The thought that is your beloved Father, is itself emotion without showing. You will not give credit to the existence of thought until it doesn´t manifest as emotion within the soul. Once the thought embraces and is recorded within the soul, it becomes reality. From here it already has form, structure and meaning.

What you call reality does not become so until the emotion embraces a thought within the soul, to form an ideal of creation, and then is expressed as created form. The feelings and values of emotion are what give authenticity to the thought and the form that you call reality. Here's how the Father grows at all times.

The Father not only works through you but feels through you, exists through you.

You are what He is, and that reality is recreated at every moment. That's why each thing you do or you have done, has always been accepted at the eyes of God.


Everything that exists here, that is born of thought and light, you created it. Thus the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God, has spread through his beloved children, you, Himself.

Love what you are intensely, for you are something beautiful that has created all things for the joy of creating them.


As particles of the SOURCE, we must awaken to our divinity and be effectively gods in action on Earth, which means reacquire the cosmic consciousness and understand our true role in the creation of the spiritual structure.

Rodrigo Romo



All conscious beings from the Cosmos travel the spiral of darkness toward the light. The sparks of infinite light which separated first from the Prime Creator, then jump into the abyss of darkness to recognize the magnitude of everything that encompasses the mind of God. Once we lose the fascination with the mysteries of the earth's shadow, we proceed to climb the spiral of the experience of "I am", to finally reach full enlightenment and return to merge back into the absolute unity with all Creation: the Atum, the atom ... the All That is.

This is for all biological units living in their home planet; so it is for all sentient beings in the universe, like any other Cosmos station, where life, in one way or another, blooms. It lies in the density of the mineral kingdoms, where the molecular units of consciousness move so slowly that it does not seem that consciousness is manifested, although they are aware. Thrives in animals of the earth, the sea and the sky, and finally in the species Homo sapiens, the highest form of intelligent life in your world.


Del Consejo Supremo de Sirio


In the beginning, when all you were an explosion of light of personal conscience, you undertake the journey to dense or corporeal matter. You descended seven levels of vibration, and really, of conscience. Now you are in the beginning of evolution. And in the beginning of evolution your task is to make known the unknown from this, the immortal I, you all are; that called God, and its reflection in the mirror, the personal self. Now this day is about a spirit and a soul in a Book of Life, called evolution.




If ever the god of a religion asked you to sacrifice animals in his name or sacrifice boys or men, that God is false and represents humanoid beings reptile-like who came to the Earth to exploit its resources (their gold mainly) and the beings that inhabit it.

These beings who pose as gods have high technology, but a great lack of spirituality and, therefore, of Love; they need both the BLOOD of their victims as their FEAR to manifest in our dimension *.

If ever the god of a religion incites to the war, that god is false and is also about a reptile god, as war brings BLOOD and FEAR, as in the previous case **.

Everything that we were given as religion is a great assembly to perpetuate subjection, suffering and confrontations that from time to time will bring BLOOD and FEAR.

El Libertario
* Such is the case of the god of the Khazars (Baal or Moloch), the god of the Jews and the God of the Christians that the Bible presents (Old Testament)
** This is the case of the god of Islam, of the Khazars, that of the Jews and Christian



There is no such thing as "god". God is a human concept that is a misunderstanding of the original concept of "Creator." This is even more confusing, as there are many creators at macrocosmic level, or Logos *. "God" implies some separate entity which is "outside" of you, which you beg and worship.

Our Infinite Creator, and almost all of our Logos and sub-Logos do not want your worship. They want you to understand Creation, and your place within it as Co-Creator. Ultimately, there is a "Supreme Being" in the form of the Infinite Creator, but we are all part of it, rather than its subjects.

None of the names given to the "Supreme Being" by their religions is the real name, but they are correct in the sense that there is a Supreme Being, namely, the Infinite Creator.

Do not give worship to your "Infinite Creator", but rather live in a state of Gratitude and Service** to him, for you arrived to Be, and for this amazing Game that He Created, in which we can forget who we really are in order to remember and know ourselves again, as the Creator.

Hidden Hand
* All of them are part of the Infinite Creator with its own Free Will, but parts who know they are One with the other Logos
** This requires you progress through your work to acquire True Knowledge every day and also involves service to others, together with respect for all creation

The true God doesn´t have a name, HE has trillions of trillions of names, ie, has the name of each of the self-conscious beings (thinking beings) that manifest as a form of HIM not only in our universe, but in the multiverse *.

Adhering to a name in a religion is a certificate of deception by agents of Darkness, knowing that this will bring misery and death over time.


El Libertario

* Each of the multiple dimensions of existence



The BEING is ALL and doesn´t take sides for anyone, because even the beings who choose the Darkness as their media of expression are a part of Him.

We are who must take sides; if we want the things as usual despite how bad we see them around us, then it is accurate not doing anything, or to pray. But if we choose the Earth as to be a beautiful place in which to live and that in our environment prevails the good, the Light, we have to sow the good every day becoming active beings that carry the True Knowledge to every corner of this world every day because the Light beget more Light and among all we would co-create a very smooth environment in which to manifest.

El Libertario