Give life meaning


It is very important to give meaning to our lives every day; it is very important that we have a reason to exist and to work for this reason.


I think this is always considered by the being of highest vibration, of more frequency and most subtle, of those who always are with us, because it is who we really are, the so called 'soul'.


If our soul sees that we are not giving meaning to our existence and our days pass so anodyne, this, our soul, could agree with our subconscious  the ending this existence.


If this occurs, it's likely that we develop a disease or have an accident and modern science could do little to keep us alive.


Therefore, having children for who to fight or an occupation of great help to others can be our authentic 'life insurance' *.



El Libertario


* I think sometimes if we experience a life devoid of meaning for us, it is because it may make sense for someone else, for example any of our children, for so they can show what they are with regard another person