The Golden Calf


The vast majority of us do not realize that their attitude is worshiping a new Golden Calf: the "official science" *.

The cases of occultation or deception of the "official science" are multiple **, but I will focus on concealment of the cure of the multiple sclerosis, MS, by the Zamboni method. This doctor only in 2009 cured more than 120 MS patients, including his wife. The Dr. Paolo Zamboni, surgeon, focused on the study of this disease because it was increasingly affecting his wife and discovered that a hundred years ago some studies found that MS patients had excess iron in the brain and this obstructed in good part cerebral veins (stenosis); It can be seen by ultrasound that these patients have always stenosis in the jugular veins, causing iron accumulation in the brain.


Nicoletta Mantovani, Pavarotti's tenor widow, was suffering from this disease since the age of eighteen, without leaving of worsening since then; she is currently Honorary President of the association CCSVI Multiple Sclerosis *** ONLUS.

A few months after having been surgically intervened by the Zamboni method she felt totally healed and made these statements, that the official science took very badly:

I’m Nicoletta Mantovani and I’m here to tell you a story, my own story of suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I was ill for so long. This year I celebrated my silver jubilee with the illness. That’s 25 years. And during these 25 years I’ve had the possibility to come into contact with so many different types of treatment. Unfortunately, based on my experience, Multiple Sclerosis does not yet have a definitive cure but it can be tackled via different treatments that can limit the illness. A few years ago I met Professor Zamboni and this meant a radical change in my life. Professor Zamboni has worked out a new theory in relation to Multiple Sclerosis and the system of veins. In simple non-medical language, this relates to veins in the neck or the trunk, and for me the jugular veins, that are obstructed. This reduces the flow of the blood in the veins, the dirty blood, and this causes blood to stop flowing in the brain and to leave deposits of iron, of infections and of viruses that can cause illnesses. Once the obstruction in the vein has been removed, the blood can flow again and initial improvements can start to happen. I had this operation last April and I have to say that for me it was more complicated because it was not just a matter of removing the obstruction but of substituting that part of the vein. I had a muscle blocking this vein. They had to cut out that part of the vein and give me a new section of vein. And after only a few weeks I started to feel better and after a bit the symptoms completely disappeared. 
Thus for six months I’ve not experienced the illness at all. I’ve been gifted a new life. I hope this can continue because as it is an experiment no one knows what the future can bring. Right now, I’m enjoying this state of well being. My symptoms were always the same ones that I experienced at the beginning of my illness: I lost the sight in one eye, I always had problems with my balance, dizziness, of no feeling in my hands, of pins and needles, of chronic fatigue, incontinence, sleep disturbances and at times even getting the words out of my mouth. And all these symptoms have now disappeared completely. I have already made an appeal to the government and to all those that have the possibility of taking action in this field, to increase the facilities of experimentation centres. I am continuing to call on people to do this as so many other people have had operations and have benefited. There are those, like myself who have had such success that they consider themselves to be no longer ill. However there are also those who have not been cured at all. 
For those who have had so many benefits I believe it is worth going on with these trials. Now this has started in just one centre in Italy but that is not enough to satisfy all those who would like to get the operation. In Italy there are so many people who are obliged to turn to private facilities some of which are taking advantage to increase profits, but what’s more is that they don’t always have experienced doctors. Thus if the State does not increase the scope of these trials, people will not stop having operations because by now the idea has spread and then, as you well know, by means of the Internet it’s no longer possible to keep anything hidden and so the results will come out together with what the people have experienced.


El Libertario

*there is unofficially another science with much higher degree of knowledge, but it is hidden, as this another science would help liberating us

**cases of scientists who were not sold and were  killed for it are also many and the cases of doctors who focused on eliminating the causes of the diseases and were killed; the people that kills them always try to simulate natural death or suicide, but sometimes also appear dead by gun never reaching to be clarified why the murder

***chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency