Why a limited body?


The physical body is merely an instrument to have emotional experiences in order to meet certain needs and get the prize of life called wisdom.

Many choose to be born under pitiful conditions for the challenge that represents to be greater than these conditions. Or they want to return to help and teach the entities that are experiencing this, because they have certain kinship with these beings. Many do it to increase the compassion of other beings or the love to themselves and the desire for a better life in the next existence. The reasons are many and unique to each entity.

Nobody is born a victim of fate or circumstances.


Entities that directly embody the disease, on crippled bodies or in pitiful conditions, have made the choice themselves, knowing fully the conditions they will face here. They have chosen their parents and their bodies for very particular reasons, all equivalent to wanting, in turn equals happiness. Do you understand?


Ramtha – A Selection of Teachings



Our body is the tool of that our soul uses to continue experiencing the treasure of emotions and to make further progress on the upward spiral from the dense to the lighter. We must never despise our body nor that of others, because often someone chose a body with limitations for the sake of others, because others would have the opportunity as their peers to show what they are about someone in need.


El Libertario