Useful knowledge


The greatest betrayals to this world consisted of burning large libraries and the kidnapping of the great books able to aggrandize us and open our eyes; all the "great books" that they have left us only serve to make us mortifies slaves.

Those who they ordered the burning of the great libraries and the kidnapping of the great books were always the people of the hidden elite who control the Earth and created their religions.


Anyway, in this our time, we have almost 100% of useless knowledge embodied in books to give to the people, eager to give his mind to the nothing, to the useless knowledge, so we have useful knowledge in a minimum amount of books; this is natural, since most people do not demand useful knowledge and despises what they think that exceeds to them*.


The massive presence of books with useless knowledge is propitiated by the usual people, the people of the occult elite, to have captive to the great majority and probably in the ancient libraries the same thing happened: many books of entertainment with nothing useful to transmit, false history written by the victors, those who incited to the fighting (wars), and books for indoctrination; it would have been difficult to find something useful even in the large schools of wisdom, as always at the end they finish taken by the people of the elite and their writings been sullied (changed).



He who struggles to find useful teaching and his personal growth ** and of the others, is a real treasure for others, for the Earth, for the manifested Universe in our dimension and for the Universes of other dimensions.


El Libertario
* If one is prepared with useful knowledge, there will be little that surpasses him, but to acquire this knowledge he must work every day and not delivering his power giving credibility to leaders of religions, politics or nations
** Spiritually mainly

Knowledge is the most powerful force in the universe, and those seeking to avoid it must do it at any price, particularly if they are leaders of nations or possess tremendous wealth or power and influence in the field of business and trade. Knowledge is revolutionary because it is something inherent within the individual. To prevent the people to be conscious of this Knowledge, it is necessary to consume its attention with another things, with fear and desire, with the resignation, with work -with overwhelming work.


Marshall Vian Summers


The humanity has a force that has not yet discovered, a force that can counteract the intervention, a force that will give humanity a greater promise and a greater power in the universe. This is an invisible force. It is a force that, when experienced, becomes a fundamental force in directing their own lives and provide their true power and security.

This power is called Knowledge in the universe. It is the power to see, hear and act with clarity and certainty. It is a power that is beyond persuasion and manipulation of any foreign source or any other source. It is a power that is delivered as a potential to each individual in the human family and beyond it.

Marshall Vian Summers

The stronger you are in the Knowledge *, the more you will become a force that opposes to intervention and manipulation, and you will become a force for the freedom and the integrity of your race.


Marshall Vian Summers - The allies of Humanity

* That knowledge must be 'True Knowledge' or 'useful knowledge'