The findings that seem impossible are many throughout the earth; but these findings seem impossible because they contradict what was taught to us.

Many external beings arrived to the Earth through the different ages;  their physical forms could have been very different as show us the very diverse representations that have arrived to us from them.

Some of them were wise people, benevolent and with clear intention to help us to grow, both materially as spiritually; but others tried to take advantage from us through the negative emotions, like the fear, and doing to us their servants. 

All of them had to be much more advanced than us in technology, otherwise they would not have visited us, and they could perform feats that for our ancestors may have seemed miraculous. Therefore our ancestors took them for gods.


Many of them came through the great inter dimensional portal of the Aden Gulf and that area was the cradle of great civilizations through extended periods of time; the representative figures of these beings have similarities in all corners of the earth as if the distances would not have been a problem for them.

We are seeds of the stars, so some of them had no problems or difficulty in crossing the daughters of our ancestors.
A picture is worth a thousand words; so there are many pictures I've included.
Examples of images are complemented by sections "significant art", "More significant art", "prehistoric figurines" and strange figurines
 Old woodcut of the tribe of the Dogon of Mali; It represents their instructors from the Sirius star in the constellation Canis Major
 Oannes, left the waters on a daily basis to instruct the humanityhe was created by Enki and appears with the pineapple and the basket
 Dagon, the main god of the Philistines
Figurine of reptilian being of Ubaid, 7000 years old. Many figures of this kind were found in this area in Mesopotamia
 Figurines of Ubaid
 of Ubaid, Mesopotamia
  Sumerian statue
 from Eridú, Sumeria
 Sumerian statue
 Sumerian god
 Goddess of Ur, Irak
  Sumerian statue
 of Tlatilco, México; 600 B.C.
 Sumerian tablet; right at the top is located the typical representation of the Sumerian flying apparatus 
Sumerian statue
 Sumerian statue
King Idrimi of Alalakh, Turkey
 Figurine of the  Yarmuk Culture, Jordan; 6000 B.C.
Etruscan bronze
 from Byblos, Lebanon; XVIII century B.C.
 Bronze figure from Ugarit; 1400 to 1200 B.C..; it represents to Baal
 of Yazilikaya, Turkey; right on top, twe can see the representation of a flying machine
 of Yazilikaya, Turkey; Hittite gods represented in procession
 of Katal Huyuk, Turkey; Neolithic mother goddess
 Neolíthic goddess; of Koskhoyuc, Turkey
 Mother goddesses; of Anatolia, the cradle of the civilizacion
 Mother goddess of the Neolithic; from Hacilar, Turkey
 from Syria, 5000 to 4000 B.C.
 from Syria, 3000  B.C.
 1320 B.C., Syria
 from Papua New Guinea
 Fertility goddess, Pakistan; 3000 to 2500 B.C.
 from Pakistan, 2000 B.C.
 of  Baluchistan, Pakistan; 7000 to 2500 B.C.
 of Baluchistan, Pakistan; 7000 to 2500 B.C.
 from the Indus Valley
 Indus Valley seal with representation of the Pleiades
 Tree of Life of the Indus Valley; the Tree of Life symbolizes the power of life and its origins
 Maya Tree of Life; Izapa, Mexico
 from Mohenjo Daro, Indus Valley; 2500 to 1500 B.C.
 Mother goddess; Indus Valley
 Mother goddess; Indus Valley
 The seven Wise Men arrived with their wives from the Pleiades; Indus Valley
 Ayia Irini terracotas, Cyprus; they represent very different type of beings;  700 to 500 B.C.
  Tell es Sawwan Neolithic figurines; Mesopotamia
 from Israel, 7000 B.C.
 from Israel, 7000 B.C.
 from Sha´ar Hagolan
 Venus of Grimaldi, Liguria, Italy; 20000 B.C.
 Venus the Rombo; Paleolithic
 Venus of Laussel, Dordogne, France; 25000 to 20000 B.C.
 Venus of the Paleolithic; France, 20000 B.C.
 Venus of Gagarino, Russia
 Venus of  Zaraysk, Russia; Paleolithic
 Mother goddess from the Ciclades Islans; 3200 to 2700 B.C.
 from the Cíclades Islans, Greece; 2300 B.C.
 Deity of the  Bronze Age; Levant
  of Castellar de Santisteban, Jaen, Spain; above 100 B.C.
 Canaanite bronze; 1500 B.C.
 Old branze; Fro Lunda god, Sweden
 of Castellar de Santisteban, Jaen, Spain; bronze
of Perillos, France; Pyrenees; 7000 to 3500 B.C.
 of Perillos, France
 old mask found in a Giza tomb, Egypt; you can clearly see a UFO
 oldest known image of king of Egypt
 Recently found statue in Luxor, Egypt
 Amenhotep III with the god Sobek; Egypt from the time of Pharaohs
 Hittite representation of the goddess Astarthe; 3200 to 2000 B.C.
 Nammu, goddess of Mesopotamia; she is the mother of Enki 
 Representación of Enki, Sumerian Anunnaki
 the Akpallu, half man, half fish; created by Enki to instruct the humanity
 Akpallu, in an Assirian temple
 VI millennium B.C.; Baghdag
 Nomoli statue, Sierra Leone; 17000 years old
 Collared reptilian; South America
 Engraved in stone of Pozo Moro, Chinchilla, Albacete; Spain
 of Kandi Sukuh, Indonesia
in the Honyu-ji temple, Nara; Japan
 of Japan
 China ancient statue
 China ancient statue; Hongshan culture
 anothe Hongshan figurine
Hun faces, China
 Found in a Chinese tomb; Tang Dinasty
 Old Haniwa ceramic, Japan
 in the Tokeiji temple, Japan
 from Indonesia
 Ancient oriental art 
 Ancient Greek ceramics
 Greek terracotta
Nyarlathotep Idol, Egypt
 Vinca Culture mask; in the actual Serbia
Mother gaoddess statuette of the Vinca Culture; VI to V millennium B.C.
 of the Vinca Culture
 Connection of the Vinca Culture with the  Pleiades
   Head of princess of El-Amarna,  ancient Egypt; I include two images to see that it is a wide head when viewed from the front an also it is very long in the side view; it is not a pointy head as it would occur using mechanical deformation means, as the generalized explanation of mechanical deformation is the lie of the sciencientists working for the hidden elite and the belief of those that didn't open their mind
 Nefertiti aged
El-Amarna princess
 one of the six daughters of Akhenaten
 Representation of Akhenaten
 from the ancient Egypt, Ptolomaic Period
 Sumerian giant; he is carrying some kind of watches  in both arms ( Istubar,called also Gilgamesh)
 Assirian king Ashurbanipal; 650 B.C.
 Giant arrived in peace mood, Iraq
 Winged figure found in Veracruz, Mexico
 Mayan ancient representation; Tikal
 Mayan astronaut
 Reptilian figurine, Mexico; 6000 years old
 of Jama-Coaque, Ecuador
  Teotihuacán figurine; many small statues found around this area wear some kind of glasses
 Anticient pre-columbian figurine
  Astronaut of Baul, Guatemala
 of the Mayan Culture
 Mesoamerican art

 of the Tayos Cave, Ecuador
 Astronaut of Cuenca, Ecuador
 Anticient Mesoamerican art
 of Jama-Coaque, Ecuador; fifth century
 Person with strange devices that seem  to be technologic; Guatemala
  Ceramic representing a Maya chief ; 800 to 600 B.C.
 Ancient figurine, México
 ancient statue of woman
 New England Mistery Stone, USA
 this is called the Nazca Astronaut; reptilian figure
 Pre-recolumbian figurine representing a reptilian
 of Tlatilco, Mexico; 1100 to 600 B.C.
 from Michoacan Culture, Mexico; 300 B.C. to 400 of our era
 from Barriles Culture, Panama
 Inca god, with four fingers in hands and feet

 this pre-mayan  figures also represent our ancient teachers; they were found under the supposedly Mayan pyramids

 these figures represent a humanity different to ours, beings with  "cone head", although not neccesarily reptilian, as the latter differ in their mouth rather big, their teeth and the vertical pupils of their eyes; this figures are represented with a small mouth, which doesn't fit if they were reptilian. They could represent a race with a fully working DNA with 12 layers. Our race resulted from the degradation of the DNA of another human races leaving it in two layers, made by the Anunnaki of Nibiru, to be able to control us easyly, to do us its slaves and to be used in gold mining works

Mother giving birth to a new hibrid race

This pre-Mayan tablet, along with the Venuses of the Paleolithic, the Venuses of BC (Before Christ) and the ancient mother goddesses, gives us an idea of how the actual human races appeared after several hybridizations, because there were other much earlier human races whose traces hid the elite through the obscurantism, their well-paid lackeys and the religions that they helped to create as we know them today


 Acambaro figurines; Guanajuato, Mexico
  Acambaro mask
 Olmec statue, Mexico
 Olmec figures; La Venta, Mexico
Olmec figure, 900 to 600 B.C.
 from the Chorrera Culture, Ecuador, 500 B.C.
 of Nayarit area, Mexico; from 100 B.C. to 250 of our era
 of Ecuador
 Pre-columbian statuette
 of Tumaco La Tolita; Colombia and Ecuador
 of Tumaco La Tolita
Statuette of stone found in Colombia; 3000 years old
Hittite figure in rock crystal; 1500 to 1200 B.C.; the rock crystal is very hard and difficult to work even today. The crystal skulls found under the pyramids are of this same material
 Nagada artifact; predynastic Egypt
 from the La Mana cave, Ecuador; it is made of lidite, black flint; at least 6000 years old
 from Valdavia Chorrera Cultures, Ecuador, 1200 to 500 B.C.
 Ancient figure, China
 Figure found in Ecuador
 of the Democratic Republic of Congo
 Jomon Venus, 5000 B.C., Japan
Dogu figure of Japan; this figures are from the 14000 to 300 B.C.
 Dogu figure, Japan; 3000 to 2000 B.C.
 Sanxingdui Culture, China; at least 3200 years old
 Described as astronaut, today in Kiev; gold statuette found in a Scythian tomb near the actual China; at least 2000 years old
 So Indonesians interpreted to some of their ancient teachers; Papua
Forever we were visited by beings of the outer space that, in most cases, came using inter dimensional doors; we were expressly said that after the last deluge 144 planetary teachers were sent to instuct the humanity
 the 144 planetary teachers, Kyoto, Japan
 Estatuette of a being with a breathing aid device, Costa Rica
 Ancient statuette; being with a possible accesory for breathing aid; Guatemala
 ancient art, Guatemala
 of Chavin de Huantar, Peru
 this statuette is called The Celestial Teacher 
 Ganesh god; India
 Mayan stela, of Tikal (Guatemala); the represented being uses breathing tubes that are coupled to his boots.  Note some analogy in this with Ganesh god of India

They  were represented in numerous locations throughout the Earth and their biological robots, wich have interacted with us for many thousands of years, the asexual beings that we call gray

 Egyptiam panel; possibly the Egyptians knew that these were biological robots and believed they had no soul (maybe that could bypass the rule of representing humans and gods in a side view), and so this being could be represented in a front view; although the possibility also exists that he was represented frontally because he has no ears nor nose  and a very small  mouth without lips; so it would be clear what kind of being they were representing 
 Egyptian panel; the animals can be represented in a front view, but the humanoid being in the central area of the panel is in a front view also, and he is not of the kind that we call grays as he has large ears and prominent nose; possibly they missed the rule of gods and humans in a side view because they knew that this being was an alien
 Another ancient stone panel
 from Iraq, stone engraving in ancient gate of a city
 Stone relief in Santa Cruz, California
 Lolladoff plate, Nepal; 12000 years old
 of Armenia
 of Noraduz, Armenia
  of Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islans; this statues are called Tiki
 another Tiki on Marquesas Islands
 Tiki Taiohae
 Indonesia; it has similarities with the Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian
 of Kandi Sukuh, Indonesia

And this is the technology that our ancestors saw; it was the technolology of the beings that they called gods

 in the Osiris temple, Abydos; Egypt 
 Osiris temple; we can see more detailed what is represented in the former image
Ancient panel in Egypt
 Panel with hieroglyphics
 another panel with hieroglyphics in the ancient Egypt 

 Flying device representation, such as it was done in the Mesopotamian area


Woman with inter dimensional door; Indus Valley


 the Samaipata UFO, Bolivia


 Pre-Mayan figure


 Maya Stela of Quirigua


 The Vimana of Bettuban Kovil; in the ancient India the flying devices were called Vimana


 Representation  of a god and its Vimana


 Representation of a Vimana and its passengers; India



 in Queretaro, Mexico; 7000 years old


 ancient drawing


 ancient oriental paintingl


 of ancient China


 Chinese drawing


 Antcient Tibetan painting


Possible representation of Rama, Ceylon; at least  2000 years old


 representation of Matshia, first avatar of Vishnu


  Egyptian ancient paintings


Toprakkale spaceship, Turkey; 3000 years old


 Sumerian representation of flying devices 


 from Zapotec Culture, Mexico


 found in a cave in Illinois, USA


 found in Ecuador; 10000 B.C.; being with a pyramid between his hands that seems to emit rays directed to some people; he has some kind of antenna pointing toward a strange device flying obove him


 Medallion found in an ancient Egyptian tomb 


 French copper coin, seventeenth century 


 of the year 1680, France


So it is not surprising that around the globe appear similar artistic creations, cultural aspects and very similar writing on different continents in antiquity

 of Mohenjo Daro
Head of the island of Okinawa, Japan, compared with an Olmeca head of San Lorenzo, Mexico
Statue of Okinawa, Japan, compared with Atlantean of Tula, Mexico



 Olmec engraving of La Venta, Mexico; the Olmecs arrived from the Tell Halaf area in the actual Syria around 7500 years before; it represents to the god Quetzalcoatl (Kukulcan)


the god is carrying a basket on a hand as the Mesopotamian gods; the serpent for the oriental people represented a flying device, same as in ancient America


the image on the left corresponds to Göbekli Tepe in Turkey; it has an age of 11,500 years


 of Urartu, nowadays Armenia


 Urartu votive plaque representing a god ceding his power to his human offspring in order to be leaders in their own right, that is, legitimate; the winged sun represents the flying machine associated to the god


 Ancient Mesoamerican winged deity with some kind of glasses and a basket reminding the basket that the Anunnaki were carrying 


The pyramids are all over the Earth and the country that has more of them is China (aerial photos belie the Chinese government trying to hide them)

 Chinese pyramids; one of those known in China is 300 m high and 450 m per side; the Giza Great Pyramid is 147 m and 320 on each side


 Pyramids of China; hundreds of those in this country


Chinese pyramid


 Chinese pyramid


  One of the Bosnian pyramids; in its construction a geopolymer was used, an artificial cement; the Sun pyramid is 420 m  high and has an extensive network of tunnels under it; radiocarbon dating leads to an antiquity for this pyramid of  29200 years (+/- 400); this dating is given by Radiocarbon Laboratory of Kiev, Ukraine. Another independent laboratory dated it as 29400 years (+- 400) using the same method. Are this pyramids covered by huge blocks of artificial cement? Well, yes;  then, why the "science" driven by the elite is telling us that they are not pyramids? Realize that those investigating them have not won anything with this and that the people that discredit them are well paid
 Artificial cement blocks covering the piramids in Visoko, Bosnia
 Part of the Bosnian piramids
 Found in the vicinity of the piramids of Bosnia; this pyramids is believed to have been looted in antiquity; therefore only big pulished stones with strange writings have been found in the many tunnels under them


 Amazonian pyramids


 Nemrut Dagi and its pyramid, Turkey


  Nemrut Dagi, its colossal statues and the pyramid






Statues in Colombia similar to the Egyptians


  Stone found in Puerto Rico; a UFO appears on it, a pyramid and the all seeing eye 


Inscribed stone and a pyramid with an eye in the upper part 


 Ancient stone with pyramidal shape and an eye


 Stone found in a tunnel with many objects in La Mana, Ecuador; compare with the Illuminaty pyramid on the USA Dollar


 This is the previous pyramid illuminated with ultraviolet light; it is called the Black Pyramid of Son of Creator


 This is the former pyramid showing inlaid inscriptions at its bottom;  the Orion Constellation is represented; the eye is also inlaid and shines when an ultraviolet strikes it; the pyramid steps are 13 as on the pyramid of the USA Dollar - representing the 13 bloodlines that control the Earth; they are the lords of the actual Illuminati (formerly they had another names). These men live under the surface and their material wealth is immense.


 Fuente Magna; found on the vicinity of Lake Titicaca; it has several types of writing: proto - Sumerian, Qellca (previous language of Tiwanaku) and another ancient language


 from Los Tayos cave, Ecuador; note the similarity with the Sumerian


Writing of the Agartir, inhabitants of the los Tayos Cave; it has similarity with the Indian Brahmi used in the Asokan period,  2300 years ago


 Study on the writing of the previous tablet


 from Tayos Cave, Ecuador; a wide type of Illuminaty symbology can be seen


 from Los Tayos Cave, Ecuador, not from Mesopotamia; but the teachers were the same


 from Los Tayos


 from  Los Tayos Cave also; we can see that the Illuminaty simbolism is very old


 from Los Tayos


 from Los Tayos, Ecuador, again; here we have the hat fishmouth (Miter) used thousans of years before  Christianity, and the serpent; the fish mouth represents the god Oannes, Sumerian teacher


  Worship to Oannes, the fish god, in Sumerian representation and a flying machine


 from Los Tayos


 part of the Crespi tablets collection; from Los Tayos. According to father Crespi, this archaic hieroglyphic signs are the humanity's mother language wich was used before the flood


 Gold pieces from the Burrows Cave, USA


 from the Burrows Cave; cap with snake, mason style


 from Burrows Cave


 from Burrows Cave



 from Burrows Cave


In the Burrows Cave, Illinois, USA, many gold tablets with inscriptions were found and several thousand small stones and stone tablets with inscriptions European, Egyptian, proto-Sumerian,   hebrew, Greek, Latin and unknown languages along with drawings of Egypt, Sumeria, Atlantis, the Hollow Earth, et cetera. The performances include reptilian beings, sphinxes, demons, elephants, maps of the Missisipi before the flood, et cetera. They were five caves and all it was found in the only one explored. It is represented also the crucifixion myth that the elite imposed in all the continents of the Earth. There were people sent by the elite to suppress these findings and finally the cave entrance was dynamited to make it inaccesible. A person bought the vast majority of these pieces for a high price and thus they were removed from circulating.

The elite fulfills its mission, to keep us in the darkness, and ours is that we struggle to emerge from the darkness to end the evel that lurks; so it is very important that we try to change the paradigms imposed on us and create for ourselves and our offspring a reality more benign


 from the Burrows Cave


 from the Burrows Cave


 from the Burrows Cave


 Found in an Indian cemetery in Michigan


 Also from the Indian cemetery of Michigan


 the Creation Myth in which the elite pushed us to believe; Michigan tablets. With this mith, they tried to set the Allmighty outside of us as to nullify the man and be their puppet


 Michigan tablet


 Michigan tablet with a calendar of 13 months


 another Michigan tablet with a 13 months calendar


 Tower of Babel, Michigan tablet


 Michigan tablet


 from the Indian cemetery of Michigan; it narrates the myth of the flood an the ark


All these beings, even those who broght the evel to us, could not have appeared in our environment without consent of our collective unconscious so that some lessons could be transmitted to us.

We have always the means, throug our soul and the creative force of the reality of our unconscious, to carry away the beings that serve us the evil. Remember that each one of us is as a cell of the Supreme Creator and His power is within us, because we are a small hologram of Him, but we must learn and this is the mission in which we are engaged now: to remember emotion after emotion and skill after skill

Every time we will find a higher level master as we progress
By their words and deeds you shall know them; if his words, his presence and his work led to the knowledge and love, the easier they were Servants of the Light.
If his words seemed to be addressed to the good, the Light, but after they asked you to do the war against those who did not adhere to his teachings, you will be facing anothet kind of Master in his attempt to bring the Darkness. Pay attention, because sometimes the Masters brought by the Darkness can be beings able to do miracles and attract many people, but if they ask you to be with a group and get rid of another groups, you will have a certificate of whom they serve.
Both kind of beings have their role and both are supperted by the Supreme Creator; in the dual worlds, like ours, the Light can´t exist without the existence of the Darkness and we will be exposed to both.  
Typically, those who were seduced by the Darkness Servers will attempt to get rid of the people that awakened   and became a Beacon of Light  that clears the Darkness.

As a rule, all beings that cause fear come from evil.

Regardless the strange shape of the beings of good that contact us, they will radiate love and peace that surrounds the contacted and in a moment his uneasiness and fear will dissipate.

What is important is that something react into us inducing us to rise over ourselves. If we learn to choose the Light after many millons of experiences and thousands of lives, we will not need to return to planes of existence as hard as the third density forgetting who we are unless we return out of pure altruism to help those who are lost (ie, as Wanderers)
El Libertario


The Bible says that the human species was created by a Hebrew God in the year 4000 B.C. approximately; however, many years before the true Gods, your old parents / creators, landed here from all parts of existence. His seed and his ideas have been passed down through time and traces of their stay still can be found in most places of your planet: In North and South America, Australia, Indonesia, Asia, India, Europe and Africa.


Barbara Marciniak


The loss of our most important historical records and the incredible esoteric knowledge contained in them is not due only to natural processes of evolution of the Earth and the illusory passage of 'time'. The little that survived of the antediluvian record was systematically destroyed by soldiers and masked crusaders who have been serving the Power for so long that your contemporary cultures can not imagine such periods ... and much less remembering them.

Be aware, too, that many volumes of the most significant materials (those who spoke in detail about the true origins of your race and extra-terrestrial forces that have influenced your development) were kidnapped by the Authority and its secret societies, to be piled up in the basement of their private collections, away from the eyes of ordinary people. These have been passed down quietly from generation to generation -from a covert hand to another- always away from public view.


The Supreme Council of Sirius