Significant petroglyphs



Pulling out will find the thread; there are many indications that lead us to our true ancient history and our roots, but we must work to find them.


Many are those persons who doesn´t want we discover our origins and who took us apart from all kind of useful knowledge.


A few persons always introduced many to an empty knowledge, unproductive and then incited to burn the greatest libraries of the antiquity, and these few have survived through some families that created many secret societies and religious sects. If any sect or a secret society was created outside of them, then they used the tactic of  introduce in it and take control of it afterwards.

These images give us clues about what impacted our ancestors, as much as to immortalize it in stone, in outdoor panels and caves
 Pre-Columbian, 15000 B.C.; undeciphered writing in a perfect realization
 in Wyoming, USA
 of Valcamonica, Italy; 12000 years old
 Wandjina, Australia
 of Pakistan
 of the Tassili
 in the Najran stone; Saudi Arabia
 of Toro Muerto, Peru
 of Toro Muerto
 of Toro Muerto
 of Rio Guayabero, Colombia
 of Rio Guayabero
 McConkie Ranch, Utah
 Petroglyph of Utah
 McConkey Ranch, Utah
 of Caborca, Sonora; Mexico
 of Los Coamiles, Nayarit; Mexico
 Petroglyph on the slopes of Maderas Volcano, Nicaragua
 of the Hopi Indians
 of the Native Americans, Santa Fe, USA
 Beings with only threes fingers of El Molle Culture, Chile
 of El Molle Culture
 of El Molle Culture
 in the desert of New Mexico
 in  Three Rivers; New Mexico
 in Three Rivers
 in Three Rivers
 in Three Rivers
 in Three Rivers
 of Huancor, Peru
 Petroglyphs of Chichitara, Peru
 of the Native Americans
The following petroglyphs are of Miculla, Peru
The next petroglyphs  are of Huancor, Peru
The following are of various places
 of Cerro Huacrupe, Peru
 of Palpa, Peru
 of Palpa
 Petroglyph, Peru
 of Samanga, Peru
 of Samanga
 of Samanga
 of Samanga
 of Samanga
 of Cuyo, Argentina
 Petroglyph of Pitis, Peru
 of Pedra Redonda, Brasil
 Petroglyph of Fila de Indios, Venezuela
 Petroglyph, Puerto Rico
 of Caguanas, Puerto Rico
 of Puerto Rico
 Taino petroglyph, Puerto Rico
 Taino petroglyph, Puerto Rico
 in Sinaloa, Mexico
 in Villa Sandino, Nicaragua
in Venezuela 
 Petroglyph of Venezuela
 of Venezuela
 of Cumaca, Venezuela
 of Tepui, Venezuela
 of Socopo, Venezuela
 Petroglyph of Venezuela
 of Barinas, Venezuela
 of Covalongo, Venezuela
 of Ometepe, Nicaragua
 of Cotundo, Ecuador
 Piedra Pintada Archaeological Park in Venezuela
 of Cerro Colorado, Argentina
 of Talabre, Chile
 of Tolima, Colombia
 Cave with megalithic structure in Ecuador
 Cave in Ecuador
 of Valcamonica, Italy
 of Savassona, Barcelona
 of Taennchel, Alsace; France
 of Taennchel, Alsace
 of Taennchel, Alsace
 of the Death Valley, California; 30000 years
 Old panel with engravings in Australia
 Egyptian panel of the time of the Pharaohs; human figure with a kind of phone
 of Galicia, Spain
 Petroglyph in Liberia
 Engraving found at a Roman Bath, England
 Kings Gate of the Cathedral of Palencia, Spain
 of Nazca
 of recent creation in Nazca