Science that ties us

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It is important that the "common scientific" handsomely admits all the postulates of science sold to money and power, ie, controlled by the occult elite.
It is important that the "common scientific" close his eyes to everything that transcends our dimension, but without knowing their bosses are investigating for decades everything that transcends time and space; the investigations are been conducting by "scientists" who carry out a task hidden to the ordinary people under the strictest secrecy.
It is important that every scientist working on their own and show us something out of scientific dogma, to show us that really "the emperor has no suit" to be debased and become the laughingstock of the breed.
Thus, under the slogans of the new dogma, as wants the hidden elite and their acolytes (Illuminati, Freemasons and multiple groups searchers of hidden truths swallowed up by the elite), the "scientific" may graze proud of the money provided by the hidden elite that dominates the Earth, not realizing that is puppet of the elite and he is doing a disservice to the humanity, as will have contributed to enslave.
That is, there are some "scientists" to give his teachings to the people, the sheep, and other "scientists" working in secret for those who always made us their slaves.
At this point the gap that has opened is too large (because of our enchantment by the superfluous) as to stop them by physical means and only we can stop them by spiritual means, through Love brought by a great union of our collective unconscious.
El Libertario

Most base their opinions on the alleged scientific research without realizing that this is conducted by groups operating from the shadows *.

The 'scientistic', those who base their opinions on science, will be the easiest to drive to the error and will build a totally immobile neural network around each topic that comes from science; I mean this when I express that science is the new religion.

The masses will follow what express the limiting science, scientifics and scientistic, but, while, the occult elite will have routed their subjugated by the perfect way, the way that is useful to her, but that will take us to new hardships, unless we begin to wake up and think for ourselves and question everything that was given to us for granted.

We should always investigate without stand still, both the scientific as the spiritual,  developing both facets without predominating one over the other; but current research is a trap, because the financiers are the same people who created the market economy and will try to introduce new ways to bring the society in which we continue to be slaves. We need a science that frees us, not a science that ties us, as always happened with religions and is still happening.

If you trust, you will only be a sheep with the particularity of being well informed about the main tenets of the religion introduced by the hidden elite in our days, the science, to successfully confront the new times while maintaining as many as possible of us in the fold.

El Libertario

* Funding and mentorship, been the hidden elite the owner of the company for which scientists work (the real owners will not easily show, but as head of the company will include representatives of them)


What is the purpose of the Grey Men *? What they want? Is not for them enough with the money around the world and the control of the oil companies? Do you think that Arabs are masters of their oil? No, they are naive nomads who accepted the loan to develop their fields. How could they have built their refineries? They are not masters of their oil; only they have hot sand.

Perhaps the Gray Men do not have yet enough? What more could they want? Do you know that in the Southern Hemisphere rainforest is being destroyed? This destruction is organized by the real estate investors, the bankers; they do not care that are destroying the atmosphere that sustains your heaven. That is greed that leads to power. What are you going to breathe?

What Gray Men want is absolute power, to create the coveted New World Order. They are now changing the name, but what really means the New World Order? It means that the whole world would become a nation with invisible borders and would be governed by a kind of social fascism. The elite will rule; all you will be enslaved. To sell the idea of New Order, they will begin to preach the world peace and will tell you that under the new system everyone will be equal.

RAMTHA (year 2004)

* Today we would call them Illuminati or something like


"We will remove the men the true faith. We will change or suppress the principles of spiritual laws. (...) The absence of these laws will weaken the faith of men because religions will no longer be able to explain anything. (...) We will fill these gaps by introducing a materialistic thinking and mathematical foundations (definition of current science), "said the successors of those who were the 'illuminati', whose descendants now hold almost all the economic and financial powers, and therefore political and pedagogical of the planet.

Frank Hatem

Scientific head is theirs, of the Illuminati, and are they who finance and pay.

Do not be fooled so easily.

We will dismantle another of the tricks of these people, but there are many.

We were told that the oil comes from many corpses and so we are threatened from 40 years ago telling us that oil is going to end, so, by the law of supply and demand, they could increase the price of it when they want based on rumors created by them and the press, its press, because this belongs to them mostly.

On Earth, besides existing silicates, there are carbonates forming limestone as calcium carbonate or magnesium and both have carbon.

Under certain conditions they know well, in environments of heat and pressure, compounds with chains similar to those of oil are formed from limestone.

They know a chemical reaction * through which obtain carbon compounds with chains similar to those obtained from petroleum, but they use it in industry and hide us that it exists and that this same process occurs in nature so natural, because we could realize that what they told us about oil and its formation is a pure fallacy.

Thus results explainable that we find oil in large quantities at depths of 20 km or even higher, as at present happens, well below the 4.5 Km that might be buried the bodies of many animals, for that is the maximum depth in which can be found remains of creatures that lived in the past.

Those seabeds where there is heat and pressure were the real Earth petrochemical industry, which formed the oil as we know it today.


El Libertario

* Fischer-Tropsch reaction, very important in industry and gasoil is obtained by this process a gasoil with advantages to the obtained by means of petroleum.