The fiat money scam

When you borrow money for your home, what you get is an accounting entry in the bank; an annotation containing an amount. Even if you see all the pile of money toguether, this would be fiat money, that is to say, money not backed; the fiat money is based on the trust in the system, but now the backing of the money in gold is around 2% in many countries, and around 20% have it backed the countries with their money more backed. The money is created by large banking corporations* with machines depending on how much is needed, but that is money that came as from nowhere, not backed money.

However, what you return month to month with interests that is real wealth, the fruit of your daily work.

This means a great business for the large banking corporations (most of them run by Khazar Zionists) and a large swindle to the working people around the world, because their work is paid with worthless money, money that does not represent real wealth.

Similarly is a big scam to the countries that have to return interests in base to borrowed amounts of money that are just accounting notes of a non existent welth because it is not backed.

This is the big business of the hidden elite and the best way they know to put us chains individually or in mass.


El Libertario
*such as the International Monetary Fund