You are immortal


If you are a being of those called to wake the others, you must not have doubts.

You have to be absolutely sure that you are much more than you appear: an immortal being.

If you need to experience it to believe it because you do not believe what others have experienced, you can experience it for yourself.


Then I suggest that you go to someone very experienced in regressions; this is very useful for cases in which there is a phobia or trauma not associated with something that has happened to you in this life, because in a single session or a few of them the trauma disappears. So you could also review some of your more meaningful lives, your life between lives or what you set out to improve yourself or experience in this life.

  So you will become a lucid player.



El Libertario



We know how much you desire a Book of the Transcendence concise, that speaks about the language of evolution, since all of you are eager to make great strides in spiritual evolution as a species and as individuals, on the road to enlightenment.
As a map of rainbow bridge leading to the elusive pot of gold, that instruction book for the inter dimensional ascension of souls simply never has been written. The immensity of that process goes beyond words, beyond even the universal cosmometry.
Never been written, and never will be, because we create on the fly, moving up the great spiral of light, where all the hearts are nourished in the luminescence of the One Heart.


The Supreme Council of Sirius 







The word - death - does not exist in the universe, because if many beings left their material body, does not mean that died, his eternal energy will incarnate and will continue his existence of life, all what they only did was to change its dress. The universe does not eliminate, exterminate, destroy, decompose or discard, the universe recycles everything, because everything is alive and lives in it. The universe is always thinking a project more beneficial for himself and all living beings that exist in it. For this reason you have to be calm and peaceful in your hearts and not feel anxious or fearful about future events. Continue your lives, your work, the unity of your family, the awakening of consciousness, the inner workings to constantly improve, increase your knowledge and understanding and above all learn to love. Living in this way you will always be prepared for any eventuality, we are not talking about disasters or tragedies, we are referring to the uncertainties and problems of life itself. Don´t you have constantly earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and more, due to your inner emotions not worked nor understood?
Unite to the universe with love and try that THE LOVE  lead you to elevation of thought, performing with this attitude of life, the miracle of transforming the interior and exterior of the planet, in this way you will build the Eden that always seek for you and subsequent generations. You will not achieve anything feeling inside you fear and terror, the contrary you will decrease the inner force that drives the betterment of all. You have an inner strength that you do not know yet, it is an incredible dynamic force if you propose will be poured out and it will transform the planet with just the desire and the project. To do this you must first know the extent of that power and have the spirituality to manage it: Calm, Maturity, Sanity, Discernment, Responsibility, +Knowledge, Understanding and plenty of Love ... Once you activate your inner strength it will boost you to travel the infinity of the universe "...

El Ser Uno IV - The Cosmic Alignment