The dark priesthood



I believe that shortly after we were limited* there were agents or priests of the Dark Priesthood on Earth.


To this planet of duality and free will arrived in their ships beings that had needs that our ancestors could not understand, because these beings had chosen to express themselves and to live their experiences through the dark side; they decided to feed on the negativity and the emotions that this entails.


I believe that these beings used their technology for the realization of sanctuaries, centers where sacrifices were made both of animals and humans, because the sacrifices involve fear and blood as well as great emotions that served these beings as their food, because they are also conscious to act and to express in the fourth dimension.


I believe that these beings, taken by gods by our ancestors, did great works, impossible to perform for the common humans degraded in their DNA of those times and that these 'gods' instructed some humans to be their priests; these priests would teach the people that with every manifestation of the nature or with every displeasure due to it they had to thank the gods or had to placate them.


They, the priests of these abominable beings, would establish customs that would foster constant fear, the expansion of some ethnic groups conquering the territory of other ethnic groups and submission becoming expiatory victims some of the conquered.


I think that many of the works that seem to us inexplicable from the antiquity ** for having required a technology that we do not even have at present had very dark purposes; I believe that these places need to be freed from the great darkness they assumed, for many times the dark forces and the energies they attracted continue with a great bond to these places. I believe that we need beings from among us of great Light who unite in meditation in these places to be released until they become places of neutral energy.


It is possible to emphasize as places of great darkness and that need cleaning, in spite of the many years elapsed, so much the


old huacas in which the action of the old gods, those deplorable beings, can be seen, like the places in which the demonic inquisition, really at the service of these same false gods, habitually carried out his torture practices, since all these places tend to be very negatively impregnated.


I know that some places like Montsegur they were cleansed already, so that it is difficult to perceive negative feelings by the sensitive people, aftermath of the atrocities that the agents of the Church, as arms of the Dark Priesthood, committed in former times in them.


It is important that all places that have been negatively impregnated by the evil and its negative vibrations be cleansed so that Mother Earth triumphantly emerges in her next vibrational change.


El Libertario
*we were reduced from twelve layers of DNA to two layers, greatly limiting our Power and the ability of our Mind to act on matter, its product; the negative beings who took over our planet, the Reptilians (Draco), were not interested in native beings with high capacities, because they would be difficult to deceive, since they interested them as animals capable of producing great negative emotions, the harvest that they require
**the natives of then did not have the tools, the strength nor the means to realize them
***the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega was right in expressing that these works were performed by the demons

Huacas of the environs of Cusco in which the action of these pitiful gods is observed


Huaca of Tetekaka


 Today it is now Christianized, but the offerings to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) on it continue even today

 Offerings to the Pachamama in the interior of the Huaca

By Sacsayhuaman there are multiple examples of the passage of these beings, minor gods

 Of Sacsayhuaman; the artificiality of this stone is appreciated by the right; use of molds
 Under a detached mold a different material is appreciated, another sign that many of the stones of this place are artificial; Rodadero area
 One of the great stones that make up the zig-zag rays of Sacsayhuaman; there are clearly signs of artificiality in it
 Could not miss the serpent, present in the places where the people of the Dark Priesthood operate; this was recorded by a system of great heat that melted the stone and is partially vitrified
 of the Rodadero area
 Perfect cuts with vitrification made thousands of years ago with a technology that we do not have at present; Rodadero area
 Huaca of Sacsayhuaman known as La Chincana Grande (Chincanas are artificial caves); at the moment is occluded the cave that from here departed towards several places, among which is the Qorikancha
 It is frequent that the stones have been melted by a very high temperature
 The alleged walls of Sacsayhuaman, really symbolize zig-zag rays, as they have multiple entrances without signs of having existed doors
 The Rodadero of Sacsayhuaman; these are vitrified stones so children slide them down


Huaca of Qengo

 It is a huaca of great interest
 Cuts made by sophisticated tools thousands of years before the existence of our modern tools
 altar of sacrifices lit with a lantern
 Interior of the cavity with the altar of sacrifices
 The sacrificial altar has the stone vitrified
 It is also vitrified this area next to the altar of sacrifices

 Zig-zag channel running along the right flank of these rocks



Huaca of Qengo Chico  (Small Qengo)

It is very close to Qengo and is bordered by an artificial wall in a wide area

Just beside to Qengo, but still higher there is another huaca


Huaca of Kusilluchayoc

Next to the Antisuyo Main Road
 This kind of altar is in a deep channel; the picture is taken from above


Amaru Machay

This is a large set in an exceptionally large huaca; It is next to the Main Way of the Antisuyo, the way of the Quechua towards the Sacred Valley, arriving by this one until Muchu Picchu. Many huacas and hollows in large stones are found along this road or in the vicinity.
Amaru Machay is also known as the Temple of the Moon.
 Entrance to the passageway with vitrified walls and sacrificial altars
 At the top of the huaca
The interior of this huaca is of great interest, but access was cut off by excavation and conditioning work; the walls of the interior are vitrified and with such perfection that they produce a mirror effect.

Neighborhood of Amary Machay


On the Main Way of the Antisuyo


Along this way there is a great amount of vestiges, including most of the huacas that I have presented, but the rainy season was beginning and it was raining most of the days in the afternoon, which was joined to the fact of my days by these lands were limited (I would have needed more days), so I could not explore them as I would have liked.





For about 500,000 years there has been a struggle of the Light against the Darkness on Earth.


An important difference between the beings of the Light and the beings of Darkness is that the former respect the free will of different worlds similar to ours and the second not, and that is one of the main reasons for the conflict.


If we want help from the beings of Light we must ask for it, so that they are sure that they do not interfere with our free will.


Only the groups of Orion (Draco) and some others, all of them of the negatives, that is, of the Dark beings, will intervene without our permission, and in fact they have been doing it for many years.


Of course, all that civilization of the Earth with low vibrations, very negative (contempt for other human beings, etc.) will be very easy prey of these beings and make pacts with them in exchange for technology, a technology for the domination of others beings, as happened in Nazi Germany. The US currently has pacts with these negative beings; in addition Russia has agreements, although with other types of negative extraterrestrial beings also: the beings that we call Nordic, beings of white hair the majority of them and an extremely white complexion.


We could throw from our planet and our Solar System to the Dark Beings without need of technology, by using only our mind united in the Light (Light = good), but that implies that many of us should join in meditation; but It is also necessary that the people who join are very pure, that is, people who have overcome their ego; in this way our Light would do these Dark Beings to flee from the Earth same as a negative entity cast from the host it had taken possession by the intervention of a being of great Light.



El Libertario

I believe that many of these rocks are artificial and were worked with their technology by the Reptilian beings, beings with ships in the form of cigar pure, bad people for the beings of our dimension, and posing as gods; Some of the stones of the huacas, I believe, were transported from remote places, stones of many hundreds of tons; these beings, also conscious in the fourth dimension, and probably in its seven different levels of frequency, use us as a farm to obtain emotions, which serve them; the problem is that these beings require of our negative emotions, and in order not to stop having them they established many different systems with agents of between us, paid people; these agents would act as intermediaries so that evils do not cease in our world.


As Reptilians these are beings that turn easily angry (remember to Yahveh) and to intimidate priests and non-priests they could be able to fly by air sometimes great stones falling of any form, reason why we can find in several places worked stones with some break or with stairs, in which we can see that they have been turned upside down.


El Libertario

This passage from Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn is capable of explaining to us why there is so much evil on our planet, even if it does not explain that these minor gods require people from among us who betray us:


As the frequency of fear begins to decline on the planet, many activities will be promulgated to cause an increase in fear, because those who live from the frequency of fear will begin to lose their source of nutrition, their food. They will make an attempt to reinstate that frequency before changing their nutrition to the new frequency of love. The Lagartis * have placed on Earth devices that emit and increase agitation on this planet. This agitation is sent to them and somehow sustains them.


* Reptilian beings



Some creative gods created life simply to take care of them or to attend to their needs. They have fed on your emotions. One of the great secrets that has been hidden as a species is the wealth that accompanies the emotion. It has kept you away from the exploration of emotions because through them you can understand many things. Your emotions connect you to the spiritual body. The spiritual body, of course, is not physical and exists in the multidimensional sphere.

Barbara Marciniak  -  Bringers of the Dawn