Our new reality


With each of us coexist an aspect of Light with another of Darkness, as both complement and one defines the other. To which of them will you give strength? To which of them will you lend your energy? Your choice of one aspect or another will shape you every time you choose and will prepare you for new experiences in worlds similar to this or experiences in superior worlds, more evolved.

With your choices you turn to this world in your hell or your heaven and prepare you to not have the need to experience a hell anymore.

You choose


El Libertario

I think together we can change the "Harvest Hour"

I think we have done giving us some more time for the final adjustments.

With our collective unconscious we can modify and alter schedules of the hidden elite creating a plan for our future more propitious and making us more deserving of support and protection of the "beings of Light"

It is always our receptivity towards the Light or Darkness what counts and which of them weighs more in the balance of the whole planet.

El Libertario

Where is that Armageddon you expected? Where is the condemnation and darkness that everyone said it was going to fall on you? Where is all that negativity? Oh, yes, there will be challenges; there always are.

But you have risen above an old energy in which you have been submerged for thousands of years, and you have placed on the earth an energy that no one expected you would deposit.

And the light you have created has been generated by less than half of 1 percent of the human race. Until this point is powerful!


The joint creation requires synchronicity. The synchronicity requires that you stand up, and go and be and do, in order that you meet with those who will create the synchronicity with you and for you. God will not fall on you with a miracle while you sit there praying.




Cultivate ideas that are balanced in love. Be wary of those who tell you that God is in a box that forged them or that there is only "one way" of reaching the enlightenment. Start running in the other direction when given a list of "rules of God" because these are nothing more than attributes of men who are in power, not the attributes of God's love. God is not a controlling force. God is a liberating force. Look for love



When you begin to address to your cells, either with your thoughts, your voice or any possible form of communication, your cells are already on board the ship and know all the details; they are simply waiting for orders from the person in charge. The truth is expressed in this paradoxical question: If your DNA is inter-dimensional by default, why you think you are a three-dimensional creature? Your perception is based on the three dimensions, but in reality the inter-dimensional engine is already running into you, and will remain invisible until you start the path to enlightenment. As you study and absorb the spiritual truth, you will fill the jar of your own vibrational energy within each of the DNA strands.