Not to fluorine


Those who three times daily clean their teeth using toothpaste with fluorides three times a day are deceived.

If we frequently eat healthy vegetables then we are taking the necessary deal of fluorine our teeth need, and if we supply too much the teeth can suffer, so much that they can get to fall.
Fluoride reduces the function of the thyroid gland and calcifies pineal gland. Also causes mental weakness (reduced IQ).

Reducing thyroid function, hypothyroidism, also causes depression because the calcified pineal gland due to fluoride involves low levels of melatonin (sleep disorders) and serotonin (the hormone of happiness), as both hormones are produced by the pineal gland.

Remove from your everyday use any fluoride toothpaste and replace it with toothpaste without it; you can find in any herbalist shop of some prestige, although these establishments usually abuse in its prices. So I suggest that you learn to manufacture your own toothpaste.
Avoid also fluoridated water and even purchased, as these usually have fluoride frequently.
The best way to decalcify the pineal gland and remove excess fluoride from the body is by iodine, but we must also be careful with this, because too much can affect our thyroid gland. You could dilute Lugol iodine in distilled water to leave about 1 mg per drop and could take 1 mg for three months and then stop taking it during at least one month to free the body of fluoride.
You can illustrate on these issues at this link, 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation


How to prepare your own toothpaste without fluoride nor glycerin (the glycerin privents the teeth from absorving the natural elements when chewing)


If you have hypothyroidism and depression associated with it, take these steps:
avoid soy and its products; make alkaline diet; exercise; Obtain L-Tyrosine as it is an amino acid that helps the body to produce its own thyroid hormones and Take it in doses of 500 mg two or three times a day; it is interesting also L- Arginine, as it stimulates the thyroid gland to produce hormones; avoid fluorides; to take chlorophyll can also be helpful.
If you take thyroid hormone of laboratory, your thyroid gland will atrophy so that it will be difficult to recover and will pass to be dependent on this medication for life.

Currently sodium fluoride is considered a dangerous neurotoxin and yet, it is added to the water we drink with various excuses, such as dental protection; it has been found that attention problems in children and low levels of intellectual performance are related to this additive; it is even related to various cancers. This is recognized by The Lancet, the most prestigious medical journal on Earth


To get a docile, obedient and stupid people the best remedy is to add fluoride to water or put it in the daily hygiene with any excuse

El Libertario




If you get a cavity, is it possible that it will heal on its own? Some people think that healing cavities naturally is a hoax. And while there’s no magic pill you can take that will regrow your teeth and make them glow white like runway lights, there is scientifically backed research out there that shows it’s possible to heal some cavities naturally.

How is this possible?

You can read about it here:


The pineal gland, known for your ascetics and spiritual seekers as the third eye, is just that: a genuine third physical eye, that it really does not look into the world of the senses in which you sail with your physical experience, but towards the Light of the Spirit and through the secretions from soma *, communicates this light to the whole being.

Achieving a perpetual state of higher perception, in which the eye of the Spirit activates, it has been inhibited in the homo sapiens by disabling the ten strands of your bodies light of your original twelve strands of DNA.

The pineal gland, and Eye of the Spirit, will be fully operational when the original twelve strands of DNA have been reactivated; a process that is beginning to take place in many of you in this time of your rapid spiritual and planetary evolution.

We remind you that the toxins from your water and our food, especially fluoride, cause rapid calcification of the pineal gland, and are important inhibitors of process of production of soma. For this reason we suggest that those of you that seek that kind of acceleration should be acutely aware of the crystallized chemical compounds that ingest as food. And then there is water, which is full of harmful substances that clog your process.

From these, fluoride accumulates as a residue in powder in the gland, and that's not the most beneficial for you.

Let you imagine why they have imposed it in your drinking water and hygienic materials, and we suggest that you analyze in a more thorough way.

The  Supreme Council of  Sirius

* Another hormone secreted by the pineal gland in addition to melatonin and serotonin; this is especially secreted in contemplative states or deep meditation




Now that you are integrating the third strand, the pineal gland, great pass
station for the light of the Cosmos, is expanding -as
you are doing. Know that the recovery of the third strand of
DNA, which allows the return of the pineal gland to its activity, is a step
giant for everything that will follow, as you are
impregnated with the brilliance and beauty of all that you are destined to be.
The first triangulation, your 'anchor' of vibration, will sustain you when
come over the Great Vortex, and is the first triangulation which prepares you
for the reconnection and activation of full DNA strands twelve: four
times the trinity that is now being born in many of you. The
cosmometry of this process is so bright and so simple ... yet
you can ignore it, because your expectations and to a large network
disinformation (sometimes intentionally, sometimes simply
erroneous well-meaning) often cloud your
view of what is happening now and what lies before you.



The Supreme Council of Sirius - through Patricia Cori



For them it is an essential condition that we stay diminished, that our pineal gland doesn´t work so we can not have premonitions, so we will not be able to communicate via telepathy, so we will not know immediately who is lying and who is not, and we would not easily align with the Light, so that we only will tune into the ephemeral and purely material.

If our pineal gland would work fully would be immediately exposed most of our politicians or those who want to sell something as for general interest when the interest really is for oneself or for a few.

In short, there would not be deception if our pineal gland, our third eye, would work.


El Libertario