I dreamed of being inventor


Since childhood I dreamed of becoming an inventor; I was always interested in Parasciences, such as Parapsychology; also ufology, comparative religions and subjects of beyond. I read a lot about esoteric subjects and Theosophy (of course I read many of the works of the Blabatsky, Leadbeater, etc.).
The Parapsychology fell short for me after discovering the SPIRITUALITY themes, and with it I had an explanation of this world, what we are and why we are here, things that one can know if is versed in issues of spirituality.
I realized that all religions are false; at first many of them were aimed at the pursuit of truth and good but after the people of the darkness were introduced into them as their leaders and then manipulated the scriptures and they rigged the doctrines for their purposes.
Nevertheless I pray every day, but to my inner God and my guides; my prayers are most of the time to thank the BEING for every moment of my existence, for all the good he has given me, for such beauty that has put around me, etc; sometimes I also ask Him, because I know I have to ask to receive; I do the same with my guides.

I think a society developed in technology but not in the spiritual always will result in self-destruction by bombs (I know about the atomic bombs dropped in areas of the Earth many thousands of years ago, in parts of Africa, America, England, India, Gobi Desert etc .; in Moenjodaro have to dig around three meters to find a high degree of radioactivity that lasts for many thousands of years)

Most people fall into the tricks of the people of darkness, those who give us the possibility of choosing the evil in addition to the possibility we always have, that of choosing the good: separation by religions, separation by nations, separation for political creeds, etc.
The separation always ends bringing us confrontations and if there is technology it produces great destruction.
Large plate movements on Earth do not exist from millions of years (despite the floods every 11,500 years or 12,000 years) and yet there are huge buildings that are under the sea water (Nan Madol, glass pyramids or similar the area of the Bahamas, Japan, etc.); I know of the existence of man's footprints among those of dinosaurs from many years ago and also of the skulls of men found with dinosaur skeletons.
Almost everything is a big lie and I feel a great contempt for who I call "scientists" in quotation marks, which are the great manipulators of the whole history of humanity and are the excuse for the current handlers of the Earth, because their arguments are always those who interested to these enslavers of nations to continue their collecting money and indebt the whole Earth.
As for medicine, I know that everything that works but it is cheap they have hidden; I know that cancer was cured without fail in almost 100% of cases 50 years ago (methods of Rife, of Bare;.. after the methods of Dr. Clark, ect, now they are hiding the cancer cure of Dr. Simoncini who have banned him to practice medicine); I know of doctors who were killed or his career destroyed for trying to cure truly; Colloidal Silver was hid, the universal antibiotic to which viruses or bacteria are not used; the AG4O4: Tetrasilver tetroxide, the antidote of AIDS and able to demolish the antibiotics industry, etc.
I think that the aim is to keep people enslaved by companies of pharmacy in base to pills, for which doctors are also needed to prescribe them.

I know from many years ago that all important inventions are made but hidden; I know that the petrol could have been banished more than 100 years ago with the ideas that Nikola Tesla also received from extraterrestrials, because he was very good receiver and had an exceptional memory; I also know of the inventors who were killed or were canceled in base to discredit and lies after not accepting money because they wanted to be altruistic. The subject of antigravity is known from many years ago. In UFO HOW TO we can find books with many patents of antigravity (Townsend Brown, etc.)


I have been during some years trying to launch a perpetual motion engine based permanent magnets, but I have failed; only I intended to show some of my friends how we are deceived by the politicians and the so-called science; politicians because they saw long ago that for every liter of fuel we put to fill the tank of our car takes more than 50% in taxes and we do not protest, and science because it closes its eyes and denies everything that comes out of their dogmas.
After I continued with the methods of sudden high voltage pulses as Tesla did, but it's dangerous because the voltages handled are of over 5000 volts and the fact is that only I could show to a small group of friends; in Santander, a teacher of the university demonstrated a system that got more energy than was put in its entry, that used pulleys; by the description I think it was based on the invention of Chas Campbell: the system was seen working by several people and showed how effectively got much more output energy that was set at its entry, but this man made the mistake of speaking to the authorities about it, and then he was discredited thereafter and was branded a liar and cheat people (Chas Campbell did not use to say that the trick was to operate with a loose strap as to produce jerks; this produces a STRESS on the moving masses in our space-time). It's like just how the thing ends when something can jeopardize the great oil business.

The most viable system of energy almost gratuitous is by water; the separation of hydrogen and oxygen can be very cheap (not by electrolysis that is what would like the politicians, because this way the use of hydrogen would be more expensive than using petrol) by very abrupt pulses and they work even with low voltage; the important thing is to be very abrupt pulses to produce STRESS in our space-time system; Stanley Meyer was poisoned for teaching about this system.

However, despite we have to face the interests of the exploiters, we must never give up if we seek our own good and that of all humanity.



El Libertario